Jun 12, 2020

Summer Heat 🔥


Makeup details inside this post ♥

I’ve heard so much about these P. Louise Bases and have seen them in action on Instagram videos, but I never actually bought them because they were always sold out. I recently checked out their site and most of the colors I wanted were in stock so I snatched some up and put them in my cart.  For the past few years, I’ve been using concealer and I keep hearing that these bases are a million times better so I’m definitely excited to try them out!

Happy hump day! Just wanted to share with you guys a gift one of my good friends got me (Thanks Chi!!). It was a ‘just because’ gift but since my birthday is coming up, I’m considering it a birthday gift 😆😂 We both share a love for B.Simone, a hilarious comedian, actor, rapper and entrepreneur, who just released new products for her 30th birthday.

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