8 Tried & True Ways to Get Rid of Bloating

Let’s face it, bloating is pretty much unavoidable…especially with a busy schedule and when our favorite fast food or takeout spot is a quick drive from home. There are times where bloating doesn’t bother us much (like in the winter when cozy sweaters are basically a uniform), and there are times where we need our stomach to cooperate. Below are 8 tried and true ways to reduce bloating as much as possible.

1. Drink more water

The more you drink, the less your body holds on to the water and excess sodium causing you to bloat.


2. Add digestive enzymes to your morning supplements

Enzymes help your body break down the carbs, fats, and proteins from the food you eat which minimizes the indigestion that causes bloating.


3. Pull out your yoga mat

A quick 10-15 minute yoga session is a great way to stretch and improve movement.
Yoga is like a light massage for your insides. One of the benefits is that it gently kneads organs and increases circulation. This works to detox your body which results in reduced bloating.


4. Don’t forget your probiotics

Add these to your morning routine and watch the bloating lessen over time. Probiotic supplements balance the environment of your gut and help ease digestive issues which in turn relieves symptoms. And yes, you can take them with digestive enzymes to tag team the bloat!


5. Try some apple cider vinegar

This also balances bacteria in your gut while increasing acids in the stomach to improve digestion. It helps your body better absorb nutrients from the food you eat while reducing bloat at the same time. Add a tablespoon to your water with lemon and agave and drink it first thing in the morning.


6. Toss some ginger and lemon in your water

Ginger has been used to relieve bloating (along with stomach pains) for centuries. It works with your body’s digestive enzymes and stimulates them naturally while protecting the lining of your stomach. Add some along with lemon to a glass of water and watch the magic happen!


7. Pick up those knees

Physical activity helps food, blood and gas flow easily. Sitting still for too long causes stagnation in the body, leading to that dreaded bloating feeling and appearance. Deflate the bloat by doing any type of physically activity for at least 20 minutes.


8. Cut out salt and fizzy drinks

Too much sodium in your diet causes you to retain excess water and causes what you’re trying to get away from. Fizzy drinks like soda, kombucha and sparkling water do the same because the carbonation is crafted by blending gas and water. Introducing salt and gas to your body will undoubtedly cause your stomach to puff out and if you’re looking to do the exact opposite, avoid these two as much as you can.


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