Sugar Fresh Lip Wonder Drops


+ Product: Fresh Sugar Wonder Drops Lip Primer
+ Price: $26.00
+ Description:A leave-on exfoliant that works wonders on dry lips with gentle AHAs, leaving lips smooth, soft and ready for color.
+ Where It’s Available:  |

This is a primer you can use underneath lip balm or lipstick to keep them on longer and smooth your lips out. It has AHA’s in it, which are water soluble acids made from sugary fruits that help gently peel the top layer of your skin. This will leave your skin super soft and more evenly pigmented.

AND THE NOT SO GOOD: I feel like they don’t fill the tube up as much as they can to be honest but the product is so good, I keep buying it. Horrible, I know.

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: Try not to use too much because it will go quickly!

MY OVERALL THOUGHTS: Definitely something I will continue using. I mainly use it at night underneath my chapstick and in the morning I wake up to super soft lips.

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