Happy hump day! Just dropping by with some Valentine’s Day makeup inspiration for you guys 🥰 What’s your makeup style for this holiday?  

I talk a lot about exfoliating the skin on your face so much that I forget to mention one of my favorite exfoliating techniques for the body! Open this post for details ♥

Every once in a while I like to show you guys makeup and skincare products I’m eyeing. Open this post to find out what they are ♥

If anyone or anything has had the glow up of the decade, it’s definitely Mary Jane (aka cannabis aka weed aka pot aka whatever nickname you have for it). It’s went from being seen as a drug to a beauty and wellness ingredient. CBD brands are popping up left and right and more established brands are infusing it in their products.

Open this post to read more ♥

It’s almost that time of the year…where everyone waits until the very last minute to buy gifts even though we had all the time in the world to do so 🙃😂By everyone, I mean me lol! Christmas shopping for other people is never really hard (which is why I always wait), especially when it comes to buying gifts for women. I usually get my female friends and family makeup since I’m always asked about the best products to buy. I buy stuff I know they wouldn’t get on their own or products I think they would like and wear everyday. On the flip side, I know those same people have trouble shopping for me because although makeup is always a good choice, choosing from the different brands and colors can be a headache for someone not well versed in the world of makeup and beauty.

I’m sure others have this same issue so I figured I’d make a short guide for those who want to give makeup out as Christmas gifts. Open this post for more gift ideas ♥

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