If you’re currently stuck at home and need something to watch (as most of us do), take a look at my top favorites and most interesting things to watch on Netflix! I’ll try to give you guys a good description of each show without giving too much away 😎 Each series or film will be linked!

We’ve always known that Rihanna has been a trendsetter in more ways than just her style in fashion. She’s constantly ahead of the curve no matter what industry she’s in and once again she proved it by making a big investment. Rihanna decided to invest in the current generation of content creators by purchasing a mansion in Los Angeles just for Tik Tok users who create beauty related content.

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Another way to get use out of your healing crystals (or if you just feel like trying something new) is to infuse a mist/spray with them. You can infuse water with the crystals to make a body mist, a room spray, or a facial spray and it will have the same intended effects you bought them for! Open this post for ingredients ♥

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