NARS Soft Matte Foundation – Transfer, Humidity, and Sweat Proof 😱

I never rave about foundations because to be honest, most matte foundations (in my opinion) are basically the same if you use the right prep and setting products. The only differences I’ve noticed are if it oxidizes and some last an hour or two longer than others. So if I actually take the time to write or post about one, it must be something beyond special!

via NARS Cosmetics

+ Name: NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation
+ Color: They offer 34 shades
+ Price: $40 | They did provide me with a 20% off code to share since I made a large purchase with them
+ Description: A full coverage, natural looking matte foundation that resists shifting shades throughout the day due to oxidation, and features comfortable 16 hour wear.


WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT:  Okay, where do I even begin! This foundation gives a matte finish but not super matte to the point where you look casket ready. When they say “soft”, they really do mean just that. You still have a slight, healthy sheen but it just gives you a nice finish. It is definitely buildable so if you have scars or hyperpigmentation you want to cover, you can. But, if you just want a little something on your face, you can also do a sheer amount and it will look fine.

I really love that this foundation does not oxidize! I cannot stand oxidation, I mean who does? Sometimes it just happens and you can’t really control it but doing your makeup to have it change colors once you leave the house is a huge pain. NARS really did their thing with this product because they specifically formulated something called an ‘Anti-Oxidation Complex’ that works to prevent any type of color shifting. This complex also works to protect your skin from pollution and blue-light damage, which also delays prematurely aging. Amazing.

The foundation also has a ‘Hydramatte Balancing Complex’ that balances excess oil while keeping skin hydrated with a ‘combination of micro-algae and Bio Hyaluronic Acid’. Usually these things are found in skin care products so to see it also included in a foundation is very nice.

On top of all of this, it has two different unique powders included in the formula. One is called ‘Superior Oil Absorbing Powder’, which is the main reason this foundation lasts so long and is transfer proof. The other is called ‘Optimal Diffusion Powder’, which absorbs and refracts light for an instant blurring effect that creates a smooth, second-skin appearance.

Lastly, this foundation is sweat-proof, transfer-proof, humidity-proof, etc. I can personally vouch for these benefits as I started using the foundation on all of my clients as of August and on myself. It is extremely hot and humid where I am and at the end of the day, any makeup I’ve done still looks great.  I actually used this foundation on models and dancers, and it lasted way longer than 16 hours through sweat, tears, and oil. Its like once the foundation is set, any form of liquid just rolls off or sits on the skin waiting to be blotted off while leaving everything in tact. I’m a FAN!


TLDR: Soft matte finish. Buildable coverage. Resists oxidizing. Shine-proof. Transfer-proof. Humidity-proof. Sweat-proof. Protects skin from pollution in the air and blue light. 16 hour wear.



AND THE NOT SO GOOD:  Compared to their All Day Luminous Weightless foundation, the colors are slightly off. If you are one shade in that formula, buying the same shade may not work.

Also, if the foundation doesn’t work for you, meaning you start getting oily, the formula starts to break up, etc…that means either the primer or moisturizer used isn’t compatible with it.

They have a matching concealer under their Soft Matte line but I am not a fan. It is very hard to blend on top of this foundation in my experience and I’ve tried everything…different concealer brushes, a damp beauty blender, my fingers, etc. It gets patchy, the foundation starts to pick up onto whatever is being used, and it’s just very hard to blend.

If used alone on a no makeup day, it’s great, but otherwise, it’s a no for me. I’ve noticed liquid concealers work 10x better. I’ve used their Radiant Creamy concealer, LA Girl’s concealer, Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer and they all performed perfectly.


BEAUTY TIP:  To get the best use out of this foundation, I’d play around with a few different primers to see which works best. I personally use Milk’s Hydro Grip, Tarte’s Smoothing Timeless Primer and NYX’s Angel Veil. They all work amazingly well. I also set concealer with a translucent setting powder and the foundation with a finishing powder (Sephora Microsmooth). After that, I use a setting spray AND finishing spray and everything lasts literally ALL day.

I have not tried wearing the foundation alone without using setting products, nor would I ever because…why wouldn’t you want your makeup to last for as long as possible? 😂  Setting products really lock everything in and help you get your money and effort’s worth in my opinion, but who am I. Do what your heart desires!


Side Note: NARS gave me a 20% off discount link to share with people who want to buy from their site. I’d honestly recommend going into Sephora to try shades out for yourself but if you don’t want to, click here for your 20% off.

If you’ve used this foundation, let everyone know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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