Treat Yourself & Upgrade Your Shower Experience

All it takes is a little time and creativity to enhance your routines and make you feel like royalty. Pamper yourself by adding some luxury to your everyday life in the form of upgrading your shower experience.


1. Invest in Turkish towels

These towels are special because they’re made from Turkish cotton. This type of cotton has extra long fibers that become even softer and fluffier the more you wash them. These are the same types of towels you’ll find in 5 star hotels.

You can find these anywhere that sells nice bath linens but one of the most popular companies is called The Turkish Towel.




2. Throw down a shower steamer

Steamers are basically another form of aromatherapy but meant for your shower. They’re tablets you put on your shower floor that melt and release essential oils into the steam.

It’s preferred over a bath bomb to most because there’s no real risk of them staining your bathtub or severely irritating your skin. Plus if the steamer hasn’t melted or dissolved by the end of your shower, you can literally leave it where it is for your next shower.

Here are the most popular scents:

Orange/Lemon: Great for waking you up and giving you a boost of energy

Peppermint: Clears up sinuses if you’re stuffy or sick

Lavender: Good for headaches, and calming the mind when stressed or before bed

Rose: Great for relaxing the mind and body, relieves anxiety and depression and boosts confidence.

You can buy these on Etsy, on Google by searching the term or by making them yourself.




3. Organize with wall dispensers

Get rid of some of the bottles you have sitting in your shower! There’s nothing more calming than being in an organized, clean area free from clutter and your shower is no exception. Shower dispensers are good for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, in shower lotion, etc.

The best ones in my opinion are offered by Simplehuman. I’ve had my set for 5+ years and it will looks and works as if it’s brand new. Amazing quality.




4. Towel warming rack

Nothing is better than a warm, fluffy towel right after you step out of the shower. It will give you a luxury spa-like experience all while being in the comfort of your own home! These also have the added benefit of drying your towels faster than they normally would.




5. Hang up a bath/shower bouquets

Bath bouquets work with the heat from the shower to release the scent and healing benefits of the plants hung up. It’s super helpful for calming the mind and relaxing after a long, stressful day. They work pretty similarly to the steamers.

They’re typically made with eucalyptus leaves and lavender. This combination promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety while working to clear airways and mental fog.

These bouquets can be bought or made yourself.




6. Get a waterproof speaker

Cue up some chill sounds with a waterproof shower speaker to help get your mind in tune with the day while being underneath a stream of warm water. Or simply listen to your weekly podcast and catch up with the news while getting ready.



7. Wine glass holder

Sit your favorite cold beverage down in this wine glass holder while taking a long steamy shower!




8. Throw on a nice silk robe

The feeling of silk on your skin after a good shower will make you feel like the queen of your own castle.


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