Every once in a while I like to show you guys makeup and skincare products I’m eyeing. Open this post to find out what they are ♥

via The Makeup Museum

There’s a museum for just about anything you can think of, aside from makeup. Thankfully in May 2020 that will change because the world’s first Makeup Museum will be opening in New York!

Open this post for more info ♥

I recently came across a high frequency wand for the skin and the amount of problems it solves…is crazy! It stimulates circulation, gets rid of acne, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, tightens the skin, improves texture and discoloration, and surprisingly prevents hair loss. Open this post to read more ♥

Marshalls online store opened today and you won’t believe the type of beauty products they have in stock! When I find these products in the actual store, I either got super lucky or I’m in a really nice (*cough cough* rich) area so it’s good to know that I can get the same type of deal online.

If you want makeup, beauty, and skin care products by good brands, I’d definitely advise you to check their online shop out. Inside this post are some of the products that caught my eye 😍

I’ve already written about microblading but there are a few other types of semi-permanent makeup tattoos that you’ll love if you enjoy a hassle free, quick morning routine. There’s a huge misconception that makeup tattoos look unnatural and that you’re stuck with them forever. If you go to someone who is experienced with makeup tattooing, neither will be true. With makeup tattoos, a different type of pigment is used that fades away after 2-5 years (depending on what you get) and gives you a more natural look. With regular tattoos, a more permanent ink is used and is completely different.

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