We’ve always known that Rihanna has been a trendsetter in more ways than just her style in fashion. She’s constantly ahead of the curve no matter what industry she’s in and once again she proved it by making a big investment. Rihanna decided to invest in the current generation of content creators by purchasing a mansion in Los Angeles just for Tik Tok users who create beauty related content.

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I’m the kind of person who will read close to all of the reviews on a product I’m interested in on Amazon, but sometimes when a product is super popular and is actually good, it’s damn near impossible! The products inside this post come with high ratings and tons of verified reviews. Most of them I’ve tried out for myself and love, so I figured I’d share the wealth! 😜

Now this lip balm came across my Instagram feed as I was doing my mid day scroll. The first time I saw it, I stopped for a seconds and kept it moving but I couldn’t stop thinking about the text in the ad. It said something like “lips will learn how to treat themselves”. I kept thinking about it like what the hell does that even mean? 😂 But lately I’ve been looking for a really good lip balm ever since BITE Beauty changed the formula to their Agave Lip Mask, so I waited for the ad to pop up again (because as you know, you’ll see the same ad a few times).

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