The 60 Second Rule That Will Completely Transform Your Skin

 60 Second Rule for better skin

Aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith shared on social media a few years back a huge tip that will improve your skin with a product you already have. Now seems like a great time to start this routine back up again (if you’ve stopped, or never started) since it seems like we’ll be mask free soon.  This tip is extremely easy and requires you to simply wash your face for 60 full seconds in the morning and at night. I mean it makes sense, right? We’re supposed to wash our hands for at least 30 seconds so it definitely makes sense to follow that same logic for your face by adding a bit more time for good measure. Nayamka calls this tip the 60 Second Rule.

I do think it’s a bit odd/interesting that the amount of time it takes to wash your face was never something skin care brands have given us a heads up about. But according to Nayamka, “cleansing for one minute allows the ingredients to actually work as it softens the skin and dissolves sebum blockages better. Texture and overall evenness also improve.” All you have to do is apply lukewarm water to your face and use your fingers to massage it into your skin. That’s it.


 60 Second Rule for better skin

Will this work for everyone? It should work for most. But since all skin types aren’t the same and all cleansers aren’t created equal, it’s important to make sure you’re using a face wash that isn’t too harsh for your skin to ensure this technique works. If your skin feels very tight after trying it out, that may be a sign the 60 seconds is too long for your skin type or the cleanser you’re using is too harsh. It may benefit those with sensitive skin to gradually increase the cleansing clock by starting out with 30 seconds for a week first before jumping straight to the full minute. This will allow you to keep an eye out to see how your skin reacts. 

After cleansing, since you’re removing oils, sebum and dirt from your skin, you want to be sure to take care of your skin by moisturizing well. This will ensure your skin doesn’t begin to produce excess oils to accommodate for what you removed.

Continue this cleansing method for 30 days and watch the magic begin ✨



One Reddit user reports that after using this technique for about a month, they’ve noticed “no more forehead bumps, softer skin texture, significant decrease in pimples, and a definite glow!” Another user agreed that the tip was useful and followed up by saying the “improvement in my skin has been amazing.” I’ve actually tried this technique out myself with a glycolic acid cleanser and my skin was much more glowy and smooth. I will say I noticed results within a week although this isn’t guaranteed for everyone.

The only way to find out is to give it a try!


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