What is a Facial Essence & Do I Need One?

Facial essences have been popular in the Asian skin care industry for years! It’s basically a super hydrating step in skin care routines that prep the skin to absorb all of the products you put on afterwards. Skin that is dry cannot absorb products as well as skin that is a bit damp, so an essence will provide the needed moisture to get the maximum benefits of your other products.

How is an essence different from a toner or serum? A toner is a liquid meant to remove any traces of make up or impurities and balance the skin after cleansing. A serum typically have potent, active ingredients that target specific problems such as dark spots, fine lines, etc.

Where would you insert an essence in your skin care routine? After the use of a toner (if you use one) and before you use a serum (again, if you use one).

To find essences that will work for you, click here. Otherwise, check out 3 of the top rated products found at Sephora below!




Epanouie Skin Remplir Hydrating Essence $38

This essence will have you looking like you just walked out of your dermatologist’s office right after a facial. It plumps your skin up with moisture using cucumber, watermelon, kiwi and coconut water while brightening and leaving you with a healthy glow. Must Have!


fresh Kombucha Antioxidant Facial Treatment Essence $74

Infused with antioxidant-rich kombucha, this essence detoxes your skin while giving it much needed moisture with hyaluronic acid. It also includes mandarin peel extract to help even out your complexion.



LANEIGE Water Bank Hydro Essence $39

This essence drenches the skin in moisture to help boost hydration and prevent water loss. It will help your skin maintain hydration levels throughout the day without leaving you greasy!


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