Does Chebe Powder Really Work for Extreme Hair Growth?

Instagram ads can be annoying, simply because we don’t log on to see companies advertise products. But unfortunately for our wallets, they do recommend extremely useful products that most times we would otherwise love if we didn’t see them on the app first. Chebe powder for me, is one of those products. Lately I’ve been aiming to keep my natural hair routine simple because I learned fairly recently that tons of product isn’t necessary. I have my trusted shampoo, conditioner, gel, etc, but the last thing I needed was a good treatment to add in every 2 weeks. I guess Instagram heard my cries (or my thoughts) and I began seeing ads for chebe powder, something that apparently has helped women in Chad grow their hair 3 feet long.


What Is Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder is a mixture of herbs used by the Basara tribe in the African nation of Chad to help grow their hair extremely long. The mixture will vary from tribe to tribe but mainly contains the grain of chebe (lavender fever berry), misik stone, cloves, resin, and cherry seeds. It has a very earthy smell and ranges from light to dark brown in color.

How Is Chebe Powder Used?

Mixed with water will turn the powder into a clay that is put on your strands to reduce breakage and shedding. It’s used once or twice week and left on the hair for hours before being washed out. It should not be applied to the roots or close to the roots, as it isn’t very necessary. Apply it halfway down the length of your hair and be sure to coat the ends. Put on a disposable plastic shower cap and get some chores done around the house for a few hours before shampooing it out. Keep in mind, it may take a bit of effort to get it completely out of your hair depending on how much powder is used in your mixture, but once it’s rinsed out, your hair will begin to look and be extremely healthy!

Alternatively, you can buy chebe powder that’s mixed with a cream and use it as a treatment a few times a month. It’s much easier to wash out and less messy if you’d prefer an easier experience. If you’d rather make your own treatment, you can add some of the powder to your conditioner and use it that way.


How Does Chebe Powder Help With Hair Growth?

Chebe powder is essentially the natural way to strengthen and reconstruct your hair. It helps your hair become longer by improving the elasticity, moisturizing and preventing breakage, which helps retain length, but it doesn’t necessarily make your hair grow any faster than it normally would.





chebe powder
Chebe Powder
chebe powder butter
Chebe Butter

Disposable Shower Caps
$6.00 for 50


Thanks to Instagram, I think I found which hair treatment I’m gonna be using every 2 weeks. In 3-6 months, I’ll be back to give an update complete with before and after photos!

If you’ve used chebe powder, drop your experience in the comments below to share your thoughts.


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