Move Over Individual Lash Extensions, You Got Some Competition

And they look just as good for less! Though individual lash extensions will always be a classic in the beauty world, there is an alternative that is preferred by some…myself included. I first got into the individuals over 6 years ago when I discovered them on Groupon. I’d let them fall out and get a new set every now and then. It wasn’t until 2020 when I started to get them consistently. I love them because not only do they look amazing but you get to wake up in the morning and already look “DONE”.
They’re perfect if you have a super low maintenance routine but if you don’t, you’ll notice yourself slightly annoyed while trying to work around them, which was my issue. Since I wear makeup and like to do winged liner along with different eyeshadow styles, they were constantly in the way. Finished makeup looks also didn’t look right with the lash extensions because they weren’t noticeable enough. And if I got a more dramatic style done, it wouldn’t look right on a bare face. To top all of this off, the extensions only looked perfect for 3 days. A second after that, they’d start falling out one by one which was a huge pet peeve of mine. While they are gorgeous, I just couldn’t see myself continuing to pay $80-$150 for 3 days of perfection and 2 weeks of lash gaps.
Which brings me to the new DIY lash extensions. I was tipped off to this surprisingly while getting a routine COVID test. I complimented the nurse who was helping me on her lashes and she told me to google KISS Falscara. Later on, I looked it up and ended up buying Ardell’s version…but let me tell you, SO HAPPY I tried them out! They’re so easy to put on and look exactly like individual extensions. The first time I tried them out, they lasted 5 days before I ended up taking them off although I’m sure I could’ve gone a little longer. I will say with Ardell’s brand, if you sleep on your side they may get a tiny bit bent up but you’re supposed to sleep on your back with any type of lash extensions any way.

Kiss Falscara $24    |    Ardell X-Tended Wear $15

The application is easier than putting on regular lashes (in my opinion). In each box, you’ll receive lash sections for each eye, an applicator, lash glue, and remover. The step by step process is essentially:

  • Brushing a tiny bit of the adhesive onto the underside of one section of your lashes
  • Picking the lash for that section up with the applicator
  • Looking straight into the mirror
  • Applying the lash from underneath
  • Using the same applicator the clamp down to secure your work.


You then repeat the same step for the next section and so forth. There are usually 5 sections but depending on your eye length, you might end up using 4 or 6…maybe more when you get the hang of things and decide to stack lashes together for more volume.
The removal process is fairly simple as they give you a glue remover and instructions. If you get it in your eyes or on your skin, you’ll feel a burning sensation but you just have to be super careful. That is honestly the only part of the process I am not a fan of because I don’t understand how you’re supposed to get it on your lashes without touching your skin, but hey, maybe you guys will have more luck. I ended up using an oil the second time and letting it sit until everything slides off easily.
After a while, I got bored with the few styles Ardell offered and saw an ad for Lashify. Now I’ve heard of this brand before but was never interested enough to see what it was. But thanks to Instagram eavesdropping and listening to me speak about this specific type of lash extension, they showed me an ad for it. If you haven’t heard of this brand, they basically sell a more high quality version of the Ardell and Kiss extension system with a larger variety of lash styles. You can choose lash length, curl, thickness, and color to give yourself a fully customized set. The lashes themselves are also a bit softer and give more of the “individual lash look” as opposed to the previous two brands. BUT, I have to add this, their lashes also fall apart easier than the previous two lash brands. The lash band is thinner which makes it way more delicate and likely to separate if you aren’t careful. Because of this I can’t genuinely say one is better than the other since they both have their own pros and cons. They both look pretty good so it’s really all about preference.

Lashify Lash Maps

To make things easier for people, they provide lash maps that tell you exactly which lash style and length to purchase and where to place it depending on the overall look you’re going for. You can also find lash maps on social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.
On their site, in addition to the lashes, they also offer different types of adhesives and tools. There is a special adhesive you can buy after you master the application technique that will give you a few weeks out of your set if done properly. Currently testing that out but I’ll be back to update!
In the mean time, I went ahead and made a pro and con list for each type of extension. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for pics of me wearing them. If you’ve tried the under lash extensions, drop a comment below and tell us your genuine thoughts!


To Purchase:
Ardell X-tended Wear $15
Kiss Falscara Eyelash Kit $24
Eylure Faux Pro C Curl Clusters False Eyelashes $25
Lashify $80 – $145
(After purchasing, they offer a link to everyone to share with friends for $20 off, so here ya go 😉
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