Get That Natural No-Makeup Makeup Look with Jones Road, Bobbi Brown’s New Line

You might already be familiar with the iconic beauty brand Bobbi Brown and its iconic founder, who named the company after herself. Bobbi Brown is known for wearable makeup designed to help you create effortless looks and enhance your natural beauty. The brand was founded over 3 decades ago when Brown worked with a chemist to create ten lipsticks in natural shades. 100 of these lipsticks sold every single day instead of the projected 100 per month. From that moment, according to Entrepreneur, the brand revolutionized the beauty industry and became what it is today by consistently filling in the gap of what was missing. Bobbi Brown was then bought by Estee Lauder years later and the founder stepped down in 2016.

After leaving her namesake makeup brand, Bobbi Brown did not intend to create another beauty line, but according to the iconic founder and makeup artist, she “just didn’t feel done.” She loved “the creative process of marketing and product development and missed it.” Brown wanted to create a line specifically focused on natural beauty essentials and felt the current beauty industry wasn’t sufficiently satisfying the growing need of transparency which led her to begin developing Jones Road.

What is Jones Road?

After Bobbi Brown’s 4 year non-compete agreement with Estee Lauder was up in 2020, she was free to operate in the beauty industry however she’d like. On the exact day it expired, she launched Jones Road—a direct-to-consumer clean beauty brand for the everyday woman. Brown says Jones Road is “for women who do their make-up in the car, or in the bathroom, but quickly because they understand the joy of putting it on in five minutes.” On top of being made specifically for those who enjoy a more natural, everyday makeup look that isn’t too complex, Jones Road was also made for the consumers who take into consideration the effects of ingredients on the skin and body.

Since there are no official or legal guidelines as to what qualifies a beauty brand as “clean”, it’s completely up to the consumer to figure out which products are free from harmful or non-ethical ingredients. Jones Road wants to take the complexity out of leaving it up to the consumer by offering products that follow guidelines more strict than the E.U., which eliminates over 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients from being used in their formulas.

Bobbi Brown’s new beauty line offers a full range of products from foundation, highlighter, eyeshadow, cream blush that doubles as lip color and more. Jones Road also offers makeup brushes and skin prep products such as their Light Moisture Cream, and Eye Cream for those looking for clean products that pair well with makeup.

Below are some of their best sellers along with items we think you’ll love!

Miracle Balm

Secret of no-makeup makeup, light-reflecting super product Miracle balm provides a wash of soft focus moisture to enhance and perfect the skin. It can be used alone and on top of makeup, as a blush, lip color, eye color or where ever you’d like a light tint or glow.

Miracle Balm comes in 8 different shades making it nearly impossible to find a few that work for your complexion!



Jones Road Face Pencil

The Face Pencil

According to the brand, this pencil is a make up artist’s dream but simple enough for a newbie to master. It’s a skin product that covers redness, dark spots, lightens dark circles, and corrects discoloration while remaining undetectable. It’s been formulated with a translucent base so you won’t have to worry about any chalky or ashy undertones. You can also blend this pencil with your favorite moisturizer to wear it as a light foundation if you’d like.
$25.00 – available in 25 shades


jones road lip and cheek copy

Lip & Cheek Stick

A moisturizing stick full of color that looks amazing on both your cheeks and lips. It’s formulated with castor seed oil which works to restores the skin’s moisture barrier and boost the production of collagen while reducing hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

$34.00 – available in 8 shades

Jones Road What The Foundation

What The Foundation

Finally something that leaves you with an even, fresh complexion that looks like your skin on its best day! This tinted moisture balm blends seamlessly into the skin and includes nourishing ingredients, one being jojoba oil which is known for sinking further into the skin than any other since it mimics our natural oils.

This foundation is first of it’s kind in the clean beauty space and is perfect for that everyday, natural look!

$25.00 – available in 12 shades




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