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Wonder Woman 1984 is coming out this year and Revlon created an entire makeup collection around the movie. The makeup came in a super cute bag that shifts colors depending on how you hold it and how the light hits. Inside were two bullet lipsticks, a liquid lipstick, an eyeshadow palette, a cream eyeshadow glaze stick, a power eyeshadow stick, a liquid eyeliner, a liquid glow pot, red nail polish, and a compact mirror. Below are more photos, swatches and reviews for all the products I received!





Revlon x WW84™ The Wonder Woman Face and Eye Palette $14.99

I love that this palette has variety when it comes to colors and textures. You can create a simple look by using the orange shade as a transition color, the dark brown in your crease, and one of the 3 gold colors on your lid. You can also do a colorful look by using the orange and matte pink as transition shades and the purple on your lid for a warm sunset type of vibe. The shadow quality itself is decent.




ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner $8.49     |     Revlon x WW84™ ColorStay Glaze Stick Eye Shadow Liner $7.99


The glaze stick is probably one of my favorite products from this collection because of how creamy and smooth it is. Its a glitter cream eyeshadow cream that lasts up to 16 hours. I have the shade Sapphire and the color looks even more amazing in person. I also got their classic waterproof liquid eyeliner.

Fun fact: This eyeliner was the very first liquid liner I used when I began my makeup journey! I was about 12/13 when I discovered it, so it’s great to see that it’s still around doing big things 😝



Revlon x WW84™ Liquid Armor Glow Pot $11.99

When I opened this, I was so confused! I thought there would be highlight powder inside but to my surprise, it was a jelly highlighter. It’s meant to be applied on the face, cheekbones, brow bones and anywhere else you want a good glow, but it can also be applied on your neck, décolletage and shoulders just as a regular shimmery body liquid would.



Revlon x WW84™ Super Lustrous™ Lipstick $8.49


These lipsticks come in 6 different colors. I got the shades Raise Your Fists (bottom) and Truth Seeker (top). The lipsticks themselves are very lightweight. I think Raise Your Fists is more sheer than anything and reminds me of a modern version of my grandma’s brown lipstick.  Truth Seeker on the other hand is pigmented, but not as pigmented as it appears online. They’re both very creamy and glide on smoothly, but you’ll definitely need more than one swipe.



Revlon x WW84™ Transforming Effects Eye Powders $9.99

These eye powders are probably the one thing in the entire collection I wasn’t a fan of. I think the eyeshadow powders are in the middle of the stick and to get it to come out of the sponge applicator, you have to push down and pump. I probably should’ve taken a photo with the tops off to give a better visual, but it just wasn’t working for me. Sponge applicators for eyeshadows are a no-no for me to begin since because they’re just really bad with spreading powders evenly, but I think this experience reminded me why I tend to stay away from them. It might work better for you though. Let me know in the comments below if it does!



Revlon X WW84™ Warrior Glitter Lip Color $10.99


Lastly, I got a liquid lipstick that transforms into a sparkly finish with one press of the lips. It comes in a beautiful ruby shade called “Fight For It” and a plum shade called “Gear Up”. You can wear the lipstick as is or activate the glitter by pressing your lips together.


If I had to choose my faves from this line, I’d definitely pick the glaze stick, the jelly highlighter, and the eyeshadow palette. I’ll be doing some looks using these products so be sure to keep an eye out. ♥

The full collection can be found on or and will be stocked at other drug stores and retailers as well.




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