Choose The Best Lash Style For Your Eye Shape

Picking out a lash style can be a bit intimidating since there’s a huge variety to choose from, online and in-store. If you don’t already have your favorite types or have trouble picking them out, a good way to narrow your options down and figure out which will look best on you is to determine your eye shape. This will be helpful because certain eye shapes require different lash styles to bring them out the most. Below is a guide that will help you figure out which eye shape you have and which lash styles look best on you. You can use this guide when buying strips or to help you explain the type of look you’re going for when getting lash extensions!



lash style for almond shaped eyes
Pictured: Rihanna


This eye shape is pointed on both ends and gets bigger towards the middle. Also, if you look straight ahead in the mirror and the top and bottom curves of the iris are hidden by the upper and lower lids, you have almond shaped eyes. This shape is usually accompanied by a small upper lid.

Luckily for this shape, there are is no “best” lash style because nearly all of them look great!





lash style for hooded shaped eyesPictured: Megan Fox



This eye shape has a prominent brow bone area that sometimes folds over the eyelids, making them appear to be much smaller. How to know if you have hooded eyes? If you put on eyeshadow and it seems to have taken up quite a bit of space but when you look straight into the mirror, you can barely see it. Or when you try out a winged liner and it looks perfect when your eyes are closed, and distorted when your eyes are open. It’s the hooded lids getting in the way.

The wrong style such as one that is too heavy or one with lashes that are all the same length can make hooded lids appear weighed down. The best style is one that has shorter lengths near the inner corner that lengthens as it gets to 3/4ths of the eye, then tapers back down towards the very end. This style looks very similar to the cat eye style where the longest length is on the end, but the difference is all in that last 1/4ths towards your outer eye.

The next best style for hooded eyes would be an open eye set where the longest lengths are above the pupil and taper at the ends.




lash style for monolid eyes
Pictured: Arden Cho


When it comes to this eye shape, the eyelid crease either isn’t visible or is so close to the lash line that it doesn’t appear to be. This will often cause natural lashes to stick straight out.

Those with monolids should ideally follow the same tips for hooded lids as they share the same troubles…needing a lifted look as opposed to a more heavy one.

Stay away from styles where the lashes are too close together or styles where the lashes are all the same length.




lash style for round shaped eyes
Pictured: Katy Perry


With round eyes, you’ll be able to see the bottom of the irises when looking straight in the mirror. You’ll see more of the whites of the eye than with other shapes. The interesting thing is, sometimes this eye shape can have a hooded lid, which you’ll also have to take into consideration.

If you have hooded lids with a round eye shape, following the tips for hooded lids will work best. Since your eyes are already more on the open side, you can go a bit heavier when it comes to the weight of the lash if you’d like.

If you have a round eye shape without hooded lids, styles where the longest length is on the very end will give you a sexy, seductive cat eye look. Unlike hooded lids, it will not weigh your eyes down. Your next best style will be a wispy look…both a regular weight and a heavy weight will look equally amazing.




lash style for upturned eyes
Pictured: Bella Hadid


The shape has outer corners that turn upward that are also higher than the inner corner. They look extremely similar to the eyes of a cat.

The best style for this shape is one that emphasizes your higher corners to match the natural shape of your eye…the cat eye! Luckily, whether or not the weight of this style is light or heavy doesn’t matter. Just make sure the lengths aren’t super long and they’ll look perfect.





lash style for downturned eyes
Pictured: Anne Hathaway


This shape is the exact opposite of the previous and has outer corners that turn downward that are also lower than the inner corner.

The best styles for downturned shapes are those that lift the outer corners of your eye to balance things out. Choose a lightweight, medium to long cat eye style.





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