8 Bad Beauty Habits We Gotta Let Go

No judgement here because at some point or another, all of us have done these things or are currently doing these things. Make room for flawless skin by letting go of these beauty habits!

1. Not Wearing Sunscreen

Sunscreen stops the sun and free radicals from prematurely aging your face and ruining your skin. Without it, you’ll notice fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, etc much sooner than normal. Going out without sunscreen also delays your skincare routine from working how it should.



2. Picking or Squeezing Pimples

A dermatologist told me that picking pimples does more harm than we think. When we squeeze at pimples, it creates a permanent pathway inside your skin which makes room for other pimples to come through later on. This is exactly why we get pimples in that same spot and why it’s hard to fix the pigmentation or extra texture it leaves behind. Instead, get a pimple patch that minimizes the appearance overnight and speeds up the healing process ↓

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3. Not Changing Your Pillowcase Often Enough

Your pillowcase has a build up of sweat, dirt and oils from your face and hair. If you have super oily or acne prone skin, changing your pillowcase every 2 days will GREATLY help your skin out. Otherwise, once a week is fine.



4. Not Cleaning Our Phones

Clean your phone regularly to avoid breakouts or transferring germs to your face. Even if you use headphones to chat on the phone with your friends and your face isn’t touching the screen, our phones being in our hands all day can be enough to cause a zit. Unless you’ve trained yourself to not touch your face AT ALL, you may unknowingly touch it throughout the day. Give your skin some help by sanitizing things you touch often everyday.



5. Not Drinking Enough Water

I’m sure you expected this one to be the list and I’m sure you already know exactly how water helps your skin…but here’s a refresher! Not drinking enough h20 will lead to fine lines, sagging, wrinkles, flakiness, dryness, itchiness, and dull and uneven skin—which is literally all things that we don’t want. So drink your water folks!


6. Not Cleaning Our Makeup Brushes Often

A study was done at Loyola Marymount University on this topic and the results showed after 30 days, makeup brushes that have not been washed held more bacteria than researchers were even able to measure. Not washing your brushes at least once a week can cause serious acne and infections.

If you’re way too busy to give them a deep clean and don’t have time to let them dry before you need them again, I’d recommend a spot treatment after every use with 70% alcohol in a spray bottle. Grab a few paper towels, spray your brushes with the alcohol and rub it on the paper towels until the product is fully out of the bristles.



7. Changing Up Our Beauty Routine Too Often

It takes an average of 12 weeks to see the full results of a skincare product. Switching up your routine too often and too quickly doesn’t allow a chance for our skin to see a real improvement. Unless you’re having an allergic reaction or some type of negative reaction to the products you’re using, just give it a bit of time.

I made a post about the actual time it takes to see results a while back, you can find it here!


8. Sleeping in Makeup

Another one you knew was coming…going to bed with makeup still on! I’m definitely guilty of this, not even gonna lie. Occasionally I’ll do stuff like take everything off except my top liner because I don’t wanna disturb my lash extensions at 3am on a Friday night 😂 I know, BAD.

But sleeping in makeup overall can cause breakouts and premature aging. When you sleep, your skin cells work to replicate, repair, and renew themselves but they need a clean slate to be able to do this effectively. Your skin cells basically go into “makeover mode” and your makeup is standing in the way of it. Not even gonna tell you what to do next, because you already know!


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