4 Hair Growth Products That Surprisingly Work Very Well


At this point, I should be an ambassador for this company because I’ve been recommending people to this brand for years now! I started out using the one in the pink box (which is sold at Target for $39.99) and years later I wanted to amp things up so I began using the professional strength which can only be bought at a spa or dermatologist office. That one is $60 per box and is 100% worth it. I’ve tried other hair supplement brands prior to discovering this one but they always made my skin break out since their first ingredient is usually tons of biotin. If you didn’t know, biotin makes your hair grow like crazy but your skin will suffer if you’re not downing at least a gallon of water a day. But after looking into why my skin is fine when I take Viviscal, I saw that Biotin is not their first ingredient and that they use a super unique ingredient called Amino Mar marine complex…which can’t be found in any other hair supplement. The marine complex does contain shark and mollusk, so unfortunately if you have a shellfish allergy…you’ll have to find something else. But if not, this is one of the best hair growth supplements you can find.


Biotin Drops

Biotin supplements (or hair skin and nail pills) have been a thing for such a long time but biotin drops are slowly taking it’s place. Adding drops to your water or whatever you’re drinking surprisingly almost doubles your monthly hair growth! I wouldn’t worry too much about the brand because nearly all of them are highly rated and have the same exact effect. BUT, make sure you drink lots of water or your face might suffer.




Rice Water

Rice water for hair growth originated in Asia and is used to help hair grow thicker and longer in a short amount of time. You can DIY or buy it from a brand who sells a kit. The DIY method is to basically boil 4x as much water than the rice you’re adding to it, and then straining the rice to get your new hair growth liquid. Some people let the rice sit in the water for 24 hours and then strain it afterwards, but it’s honestly up to you. I will say rice water can smell a bit odd if it’s not used as soon as possible, but you can add essential oils to combat the scent. OR you can just skip all of this and buy from a brand who sells it.

The process of using rice water is to wash your hair with shampoo normally, rinse it out, massage the rice water into your scalp and hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. After that, rinse it out and apply your conditioner and continue your routine as you normally would.





Oils are pretty much the most popular method for growing hair and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Wild Growth Hair Oil have the biggest reputations for causing crazy amounts of hair growth but you can also customize your own mixture based on what you think your hair needs. Peppermint oil increases circulation wherever it’s applied to and is good for areas you feel need to catch up in length. Hempseed oil keeps your scalp hydrated by preventing water loss and is rich in fatty acids which is crucial for maximizing hair growth. I’d recommend doing a quick google search on the best oils for hair and combine a bunch based on what you think you need.

Side Note: There have been arguments that it’s not actually the oils causing the excess hair growth but instead the circulation that comes from massaging the oils into your scalp. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section!

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