6 Ways to Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer

Lash extensions will have you looking flawless as soon as you wake up AND they help you save time on your beauty routine. They usually cost between $100-$350, so it’s pretty wise to do everything you can to make sure they last as long as possible.
Below are 6 tips to help your beauty investment last longer in between visits!

1. No waterproof winged eyeliner

I know…it sucks, but you gotta give something up in exchange for waking up flawless ✨ On the bright side, you can still use eyeliners that are easy to remove. But just remember, the more you tug at your eye area the more likely it is that your lashes are gonna want to jump ship. If you can avoid winged eyeliner all together, that would help even more…but if not, stick to your basic formulas.

2. Sleep on your back

If you’re a wild sleeper this might be hard, so for extra protection, try out a travel pillow or one of those 3D sleeping masks. The latter is contoured around your eye area, so instead of the mask pressing down on your eyes there’s an open space. Perfect for protecting those minks!

3. Absolutely NO oil based products

I’m sure your lash tech has already warned you about oil based products or oil based makeup removers. If you want your lashes to fall out in 3 days, be my guest, but if not…just avoid it. If you wanna remove your eye makeup, look for an oil free remover. My favorite is one by Neutrogena if the Target brand is out of stock. It’s usually right next to it in case you’re wondering where to find it. Don’t forget to check to see if your eye cream contains any oils because your lashes won’t make any exceptions.

4. Look into a lash sealant

Yep, more money you need to spend. Except this purchase will extend the life your your lashes which means you won’t have to go in as frequently for a fill. So this is kind of a spend a little to save a lot type of situation. Recommended by lash expert Gina Bisignano is Blink’s Black Diamond Coating Sealant. It’s used to protect lashes from moisture, oil and dust and can be applied daily or every few days…whatever floats your boat.

5. Avoid hot water and steam for the first day

Avoiding these two things will allow the glue to fully set, which is essential in preserving your lush lashes. If you’re the type to take long steamy hot showers everyday, make it a quick lukewarm shower the first day and be super careful when washing your face.

6. Leave them alone

Outside of giving them a good brushing once, maybe twice a day with the spoolie your lash tech gave you… leave your lashes alone. If a lash is turned around or looks out of place, feel free to grab that spoolie and brush it back to where it belongs. We’re all guilty of picking up a mirror and twisting it or pushing it with our fingers, I’ll be the first to admit it. But when we do this, we also risk losing our natural lash that the false one is attached to. Becoming even more bald in the lash department would be tragic for a few months so do yourself a favor—leave your falsies alone so you can continue to wake up flawless ✨

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