Pamper Your Lady Parts with a Vajacial (Vagina Facial)

Facials can be essential to making sure your skin stays smooth, even, and free of gunk that have made our pores their beloved home. So how did they make their way down to our lady parts? Over a decade ago, San Francisco’s Stript Wax Bar developed the vajacial to “address and treat the key needs of anyone who gets waxed.” Since then, vajacials have been making their way across the country and have been gaining more and more popularity.

To be crystal clear, a vajacial technically isn’t something you absolutely need, but if you’re the type who loves pampering yourself and loves making sure your skin stays nice in all areas, it’s 100% worth it. And why not treat yourself to something nice every now and then?


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We spoke with licensed esthetician and founder of VPretty, Shani Patterson, who specializes in waxing and vajacials, to get all the details on this popular treatment!


Benefits of a Vajacial

“There are so many benefits when it comes to getting a vajacial”, says esthetician Shani Patterson.  “The first would be you are getting a stronger exfoliation than you would get at home. Secondly, if you have had issues with ingrown hairs, your esthetician would remove most of them for you while also educating you in prevention. Thirdly, there is hyperpigmentation that a lot of women have because of consistent shaving and using other hair removal products” that vajacials work to treat.

Essentially, it removes removes dead skin cells, calms irritation, hydrates the area, smoothes bumps if any are present and works to lessen any hyperpigmentation.


What a Vajacial Cannot Do

Shani advises that “vajacials cannot treat several things such as folliculitis, HS (hidradenitis suppurativa) and psoriasis.”  If issues like these arise during an appointment, she always recommends her clients to see a dermatologist to be treated. When the vulva is affected by certain conditions or has experienced scarring that has thickened the skin,  you may want to skip getting a vajacial which may cause further irritation or result in no visible improvement.



How Many Vajacial Treatments Are Necessary?

While many only get a vajacial every now and then, many also keep up with the treatments and make it a part of their beauty and grooming routine. If you’re getting a vajacial specifically to treat an issue, it’s beneficial to continue with the treatments on a routine schedule. According to Shani, “You will definitely see a noticeable difference after receiving a vajacial especially if you needed ingrown hair removal, but having several will help improve the area especially if it has been left neglected.” She continues, “I personally would recommend continued treatment for those looking to fix scarring and hyperpigmentation. I usually tell my clients to get a vajacial every 3 to 4 months otherwise”, although most end up getting them regardless since it’s part of their self-care routine.


Can You Get a Vajacial Without Getting Waxed?

Since vajacials treat the skin, you get the most from your appointment if there is no hair present. Shani says you can get them whenever you want, “but if you’re looking to treat a specific problem it’s best to have no hair so that your esthetician can examine you without hair getting in the way.” She says most of her clients opt for a vajacial immediately following a Brazilian wax.



To keep up with your results or to keep the area nice and smooth for as long as possible, it’s recommended you exfoliate your vulva 2 days after your appointment about 3 times per week. This works to get rid of dead skin cells, prevent ingrown hairs, and even out texture and tone while ensuring all around smoothness. You can also use an oil such as argan or jojoba to keep the skin moisturized and healthy until your next visit.

If you’re in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area and you’d like to try a vajacial and/or a wax, be sure to schedule an appointment with Shani at VPretty! She’s the absolute best at what she does and you will not regret your experience. You can book with Shani online but just a heads up, she gets very busy so don’t wait too long to schedule your appointment if you want to visit soon. For updates and photos from VPretty, be sure to follow on social media!


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