Get Divine Skin with Pat McGrath’s Rose Essence

Pat McGrath Divine Skin Rose Essence

When it comes to beauty brands that deliver, Pat McGrath Labs is at the top of the list. Pat McGrath Labs has blessed the beauty world with high quality makeup, including their award winning eyeshadows, and is now making their debut into skin care. Since the Pat McGrath aesthetic is synonymous with dewiness, glowy skin and luminosity, it only makes sense for their first product to be one that contributes to that specific look. The brand recently released Divine Skin: Rose 001, which is an essence that will leave your skin smooth, supple and glowing. According to the world renowned makeup artist and brand owner, Pat McGrath, “This beautiful formula unlocks the secrets to glowing, gorgeous, supple, smooth, sensuous skin—in an instant, and over time it transforms your skin.”

Face of Pat McGrath Labs, Naomi Campbell, got to use the essence for over a year and its become a staple in her everyday routine. Campbell says, “I like my skin to be hydrated and shiny, and one of the things I found with Divine Rose is that you wake up and your skin feels moisturized, hydrated, and dewy. You can do glow with makeup, but this is different. It revitalizes the skin.”

What is an Essence Anyway?

A facial essence is super hydrating product that preps the skin to absorb anything you put on afterwards. Since dry skin cannot fully absorb products into the skin, an essence will set the stage so you can get all of the benefits your other products promise.

Benefits of Pat McGrath Labs Divine Skin: Rose 001 The Essence

Formulated with 97% naturally-derived ingredients, Rose 001 helps replenish the skin barrier while softening any texture, providing nourishment, hydration and balance.  This transformative biphase essence addresses dull, dehydrated skin and instantly brings out that inner glow.

How to Use

Since Rose 001 The Essence uses breakthrough biphase technology, you’ll notice the ingredients are separated in the bottle and will need to be shaken up to mix both formulas.

The lightweight milky emulsion is infused with HydraSphere 18, a metamorphic combination of botanically derived oils, enriched with lipids and Vitamin E. The rose water is packed with Rose-Biotic, a rose petal extract which rebalances, revitalizes and replenishes the skin barrier while the floral antioxidants help protect against external aggressors, and rose water to help calm the skin. When the HydraSphere 18 and Rose-Biotic are mixed together, it instantly boosts the skin’s moisture levels and provides the signature Pat McGrath glow.

After cleansing your face, shake the bottle and apply a few drops into your palms before pressing it into your face and neck. For oily skin types, it can be used on its own as a lightweight moisturizer. For normal and dry skin, the essence goes on before your serums and moisturizers.

Pat McGrath Divine Skin: Rose 001 The Essence




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