Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Lip Palette

+ Product: Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Pro Lip Palette
+ Price: $60.00
+ Description: A professional matte lip palette in a range of primary colors, nudes, berries, and neutrals designed to blend together for endlessly customizable shades.
+ Shades: There are 16 shades in the palette
+ Where It’s Available:


WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: Love that the lipsticks are a creamy matte formula and easily blendable. As a makeup artist, it’s good to just have ONE palette for lip color as opposed to carrying around tons of different lipstick tubes. I like that it contains colors you don’t have to mix along with other shades to create that perfect, custom shade. I could also see a person buying this just to try out a bunch of different lip shades to figure out what works best with their skin tone.

AND THE NOT SO GOOD:  It doesn’t work well with lips that aren’t extremely moisturized. I mean, no lipstick looks good on chapped lips to be honest but for some reason, these specific lipsticks look terrible on them.

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: The palette is very very small but since the lipsticks are super pigmented, it makes sense. You won’t have to use as much lipstick as you usually do to get the same effect.

MY OVERALL THOUGHTS: I’m a fan! It reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick palette they released about 4/5 years ago, although theirs didn’t have a mixing palette and brush.



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