The Perfect Blush Color for Your Complexion

Finding a blush that works for your complexion as someone of color used to be tough because a lot of products in store ended up being too light or too ashy. Now, with brands starting to be more inclusive, there’s so many different options and it’s hard to tell which shade is best for your skin color. If you’re lighter than the first example above (Rihanna), almost every shade will work on your complexion. Helpful tip, choose shades that resemble the color of starbursts (all variations). You just need to use a really light hand when first applying the product and layer it if you want more pigment.

But otherwise, I made a guide that will help you find your perfect blush shade! Just find your complexion or the one closest to it above and below you’ll see the names of brands and blush colors that work best with your skin tone.

Some of the shades listed can and will look great on a variety of complexions depending on how they’re applied, but I chose the ones that don’t take much effort to make work.

If you have any favorites that are not listed, help us all out and drop them in the comment section along with your skin tone.




  • Pink Toned Blush - NARS Orgasm




  • Pink Toned Blush - NARS Dolce Vita




  • Pink Toned Blush - Lawless Indian Summer




  • Pink Toned Blush - Marena Garmi



  • Pink Toned Blush - NARS Aroused



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