Designs You Need On Your Nails This Spring 🌼

Pastels are always in for springtime but let’s take things up a notch with some fun designs. We always keep an eye out for nail art on social media so we’ve compiled our favorites for the upcoming spring season below. Scroll for some inspo!

Artsy & Fun

via @im_pressd

Marble Drip

A creative, fun take on the classic marble design.


via @imarninails

Pastel Squiggles

Bright, colorful loops on your nails = a jolt of happiness every time you look down at your nails.


spring 2022 nails

via @jadetangtheartist

Spring Bloom

Bring in the springtime with a nice full set of flowers blooming right on the tips of your fingers.


spring 2022 nails

via @chellys_nails

Swirls for the Girls

Not your average swirls, these mesmerizing twists take things to the next level.



spring nails 2022

via @nailsbycanishiea

Earthy Chic

Monochromatic colors with outlines of things found in nature or a print that could be found on a Zara blouse…what say you?



spring 2022 nails

via @joelyoceannails

Smiley Face Glam

For those days where you’d rather give RBF, let your nails do the smiling for you.



spring 2022 nails

via @joelyoceannails

Pastel French Line Up

Choose your favorite pastels and use them to give your nails a french line up.



spring 2022 nails

via @zacrylics

Ode to Murakami

Takashi Murakami inspired nails have been revamped countless times but we’ve never seen a neutral, muted flower set until now. Perfect for those who avoid bright colors but still want something fun.


spring nails 2022


Missoni Scallops

Scalloped edges that’ll compliment every outfit.



via @henriettenails

Flower Power

When you can’t decide between solid colors and a design, choose both.



spring 2022 nails

via @jannalo_

Groovy Baby

Bringing it back to the 60’s with a lava lamp special!


spring 2022 nails

via @cegenailbar

Floral Lace

For our girls who want to do florals but want to keep things dainty and light.



Classic with a Modern Twist

via @chaunlegend

French Chevrons

In previous years, the french manicure was updated by extending the white tip further down the sides. This year, we’re adding some edge with a chevron shape right in the middle



spring 2022 nails

via Pinterest

Watercolor French

Watercolor right on the tips with a solid line accentuating the classic french shape. Make it your own by changing the color of the line to white or pastel!



via @nailslpc.xo

Round Double French

The most dainty french set we’ve ever seen.



spring 2022 nails

Swirled French

Monochromatic swirls that curve right into a french shape.



via @betina_goldstein

Scripted French

Say what you wanna say, just put it on the tips of your nails.



via @overglowedit

French Jelly

A mix of jelly nails and colored french tips, here for it!





Simple Designs

Crystal Twists

For my girls who love to shine from head to toe but don’t want to over do it.



via @joelyoceannails

Pastel Striped

Nude-ish pink base with minimal color



spring 2022 nails

via @paintboxnails

Mod Color Block

One muted color and one pastel for an unexpected pop of color.



via @paintboxnails

Abstract Butterfly

Flutter right into spring with this gorgeous set!






Minimalist & Solid

Iridescent Pink

Why choose one pastel color when you can choose them all?


Pastel French

Ditch the white tips for some fun, pastel hues.



spring 2022 nails

via @paintboxnails

Classic Brights

Not quite neon, but not quite pastel



Subtle Topper

Similar to a french, but way less dramatic.



via @imarninails

Colorful Matte

Playful and posh 💅🏽




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