Ruby Woo Got a Makeover

There was a short time period where if you saw someone wearing a bright red lipstick, it was guaranteed to be Ruby Woo by MAC. This classic shade blessed almost every makeup bag because of the way it compliments literally every skin tone. The only downside? The original formula was so drying that within a few hours of applying it, your lips would feel like cement…especially in the wintertime. But even still, I’d argue that this is the best selling red lipstick of all time—so this update is long overdue in my opinion.

MAC decided to release the shade in 3 new formulas with 3 new names:  a matte liquid lipstick called ‘Ruby Pew!’, a powder kiss lipstick bullet lipstick called ‘Ruby New’, and a powder kiss liquid lip color called ‘Ruby Boo’.

Ruby Pew! – Matte Liquid Lipstick

This formula came at the perfect time because as it quickly dries down, it becomes smudge-proof and transfer-proof like other liquid lipsticks which is exactly what we need! It is the longest lasting of all the formulas, does not dry out your lips like the OG and is the most opaque.

Available at MAC  & Nordstrom for $24

Ruby New – Powder Kiss Lipstick

This formula is soft, creamy and gives a sheer finish. Instead of being opaque like Ruby Woo and Ruby Pew!, this lipstick provides a diffused, lip balm-y tint. The color is buildable and gives “immediate, and long term hydration”. It appears that MAC has heard our cries!

Available at MAC for $24

Ruby Boo – Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Color

Want the look of Ruby Woo with extra hydration? This one is for you! This lip color gives the staying power of a liquid lip with the diffused look and balmy feel of MAC’s Powder Kiss formula. Its good for folks who want the lived-in, popsicle stained effect. This whipped mousse formula does not dry down so sadly, it will transfer.  But on the plus side, it does give 10 hours of moisture, so it’s really all about the benefits you’re looking for.

Available at MAC and Nordstrom $27


Which of these are you picking up? Let us know in the comment section below!

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