The BEST Way to Remove Lash Extensions at Home


If you can’t get to a lash tech for removal, the two main things that help remove lash extensions at home are steam and oil! Whether you had a bad lash application or you just want to remove the last 5 lashes that are hanging on by a thread, steam and oil will be your best bet in removing them without causing damage.

If you don’t have a facial steamer at home, you can make one by filling a large bowl with steaming hot water, placing your face over it, and draping a towel over your head to keep the steam from escaping for 10-15 minutes. Before doing this, I’d recommend dabbing some oil onto the base of the lashes to help them loosen up while the steam does it’s thing. The steam and oil will work together to loosen the bond of the extensions as much as possible. After that, get a cotton ball or cotton pad, add some more of the oil, and gently rub your lash line. The extensions should slide right off.

I’d honestly recommend doing each eye one by one so you can see what you’re doing. Sometimes the oil can get into your eyes when you open them to see what’s going on but I’d recommend doing the whole process for each eye separately so that won’t happen as much. But, if the oil does get into your eyes, eyedrops will wash it out.

When you’re choosing an oil, make sure it’s not too heavy or too scented so it won’t irritate or burn your eyes (such as peppermint oil). Oils like olive, rose hip seed, sweet almond, vitamin e oil or grape seed are best.

Hope this helps! If you have any other tips that aren’t mentioned, drop them in the comment section ♥


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