14 Self-Care Day Ideas You May Have Missed

Creating a self-care day is essential to remaining sane, staying grounded, and reminding yourself that YOU matter. Too many times, we find ourselves tending to everyone else’s needs while ours get put on the back burner. A self-care day, whether or not it’s a full day or half day (or on a Sunday), is a great way to spend time with ourselves and relax while putting ourselves first.

Since we all have our different interests and things that help us chill out, no one’s self-care routines will look exactly alike but in case you need some ideas, we got you covered.


1. Set a Relaxing Bath

Soaking in a bath will leave you feeling brand new. Set the scene by lighting candles, playing your favorite tunes, and adding some bath salts to the water. Throw in some fresh rose petals or rose oil if you’re feeling fancy!

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2. Grab a Book

In between work, our social life and everything we pile onto our plates, we may not have enough time to catch up on a book we started or even begin a new book in our favorite genres. Carve out at least 30 minutes to an hour (interrupted) to relax and get some reading in.


3. Face Mask it Up in the Name of Self-Care

Face masks are like a reset button for your skin as it works to get rid of of blemishes, redness, irritation, etc with a concentrated punch of ingredients. Kill two birds with one stone by throwing on a face mask in the shower or while you prance around the house.

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4. Catch Up on Your Favorite Series

If you prefer watching something or just need time to get caught up on your favorite series, take this day to wind down and watch a few episodes with a glass of wine!

5. Throw on a Movie You’ve Wanted to Watch

Forget the movie buddy, throw on a film you’ve been wanting to watch or find one in your favorite genre. This way you won’t have to bicker with someone because they’re scared of horror films or because they hate romcoms! Instead of popcorn (unless that’s what you like), grab your favorite snack or prep some before hand.

6. Face Treatments

Treat yourself to a weekly at home spa date with facial treatments using tools like a high frequency wand, a facial steamer or a red light therapy wand. You can use these after removing your mask for an even better spa like experience!

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7. A Nice Dinner

Whip up your favorite meal, a recipe you’ve been dying to try or order out to make things easy. Nothing more pleasing then a well thought-out, planned meal you get to enjoy in your home!


8. Unplug

For a few hours, unplug from social media and being reached at any second by turning off your phone, computer, and tablet. Do not disturb mode works just as well if you prefer to keep them on.


9. De-Clutter

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind…or maybe the reverse is the case? Either way, both options are no bueno for your mental health. Tidy up your home room by room and you’ll feel much more clear headed, promise!


10. Do The Things You Love

Make a long list of things that make you happy or things you love to do and do them! Take some time to discover new music, make a spiked slushy and take a long walk, sit in the park with your dog, write poems, paint designs on your nails, make a floral arrangement while listening to Ari Lennox, bake a cake, browse Pinterest, visit that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to, practice doing your brows, etc.


11. Burn Your Favorite Candles

Set a mood by lighting your favorite candle. They’re an age old way to alleviate stress, get your mind right, and improve your mood. Below are some editor faves if you need some ideas.

self care
DW Peony Petals Candle

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12. Get Out of The House

If staying in the house getting your mind right and doing beauty/wellness rituals doesn’t sound relaxing to you, you might need to switch things up!

Go to brunch, grab a bite to eat at restaurant by yourself or with friends, visit the spa, get a massage, go shopping, visit a museum, go wine tasting, see a movie that just released, take a day trip to the beach, anything your heart desires.

13. Move Your Body

If you’re the type to actually enjoy exercise, this would be the perfect time to get a light (or heavy) workout in followed by a tasty shake! If not, try something less intimidating like dancing, yoga, or a quick simple at home workout inspired by your favorite fitness guru.



14. Go to Sleep Early

A well planned date with your pillow will do wonders, especially if you make it a standing appointment. Sometimes during the week, our sleeping patterns can shift so try to make it a point to give your mind and body a reset by hitting the sheets early on a self-care day. Pamper yourself by adding in a sheet spray (or a light, calming perfume), a silk pillowcase to protect your hair and skin, or a sleep mask. You can find more ideas to update and improve your sleeping routine in a post we wrote here!

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Got any suggestions not listed? Share them in the comments below!

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