At Home Faux Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is essentially a perm treatment that smooths out your brows in a vertical direction to give them a fluffy and naturally sculpted look. It’s been gaining popularity throughout the years (rightfully so) and now you can get those fluffy brows at home without getting the actual chemical treatment by using a faux brow lamination product.


Fake Brow Lamination Faux Brow Lamination

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Instead of spending between $50-$150 to semi-permanently change the structure of your brow hairs, you can get an extremely similar look at home in less than a few minutes. There are a few products on the market that help you achieve the look of brow lamination, but one of the best is by Refy Beauty. Refy Beauty created Brow Sculpt, which is a strong ‘brow wax-gel hybrid featuring a double-ended brush applicator that sculpts, shapes, and sets hairs in place to create the perfect brow.’ The best part is it’s water resistant and keeps your brows in place until it’s washed out.


The Price

It’s available at Sephora for $24 or on the brand’s site for the same amount.


How Faux Brow Lamination Works

Twist open the tube and evenly coat a small amount of product into your brows. Put the spoolie wand back into the tube and pop off the top to reveal the double ended brush. The dense, structure brush and small comb allow you to sculpt your brow hairs by firmly pushing them straight up. After you let the product dry, you can then fill in your brows to give them additional shape and color if needed.



Fake Brow Lamination Faux Brow Lamination

via Refy Beauty


Faux Brow Lamination Fake Brow Lamination

via Refy Beauty


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