Get 60 Hour Brows with URBAN DECAY Inked Longwear Brow Gel


+ Product: URBAN DECAY Inked Longwear Brow Gel
+ Price: $26.00
+ Description: A semi-permanent long-wear brow gel that creates sculpted arches for up to 60 hours.
+ Shades: There are 7 shades to choose from. The two that I have are called ‘Neutral Nana’ and ‘Dark Drapes’.
+ Where It’s Available: At Sephora, Ulta, and Urban Decays’s website.



WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: I love the angled applicator…it comes to a sharp point for super precise lines. I also like that not a lot of product comes out on the applicator. It allows you to build your brow up slowly and you’re less likely to make mistakes. I also love the fact that the formula gives you brows that can last up to 60 hours!!

AND THE NOT SO GOOD: Surprisingly, I have literally nothing bad to say about this product. It’s the crème de la crème of brow gels.

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: You won’t need to sculpt your brows using concealer unless you really want to because the applicator is so precise. It allows you to build a shape that already looks finished the moment you put the applicator down.

MY OVERALL THOUGHTS: This product has easily made my top 5 brow products of all time! I did each brow in under 90 seconds without the extra step of applying concealer to shape them. Does the product actually last 60 hours? I’m currently on hour 48 and while my brows are still there, they’re not as defined and precise as they were on the first day. They still look pretty good though. I’ll give a full update after hour 60!

Available at Sephora  |  Ulta

The product on my brows definitely lasted a little over 60 hours. It wasn’t as precise as they were when I first applied the product but it was definitely still there. I’d say they started to get less defined a bit before the 48 hour mark hit and after that, my brows began to fade starting from the front.

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