If you’re currently stuck at home and need something to watch (as most of us do), take a look at my top favorites and most interesting things to watch on Netflix! I’ll try to give you guys a good description of each show without giving too much away 😎 Each series or film will be linked!

Another way to get use out of your healing crystals (or if you just feel like trying something new) is to infuse a mist/spray with them. You can infuse water with the crystals to make a body mist, a room spray, or a facial spray and it will have the same intended effects you bought them for! Open this post for ingredients ♥

Almost everything these days operate like a subscription based service, from food boxes to apps to spinning classes to beauty boxes and more, so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that spas all over are offering facial treatments for a monthly fee. Read more inside this post!


Healing crystals generally get a bad rep from those who don’t exactly know what they are and what they do but in this post I’ll explain everything from the origin, how to use them, where you buy them from, and which ones are most helpful!

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