10 Small Ways to Add Luxury to Your Life

Luxury has been a major topic in our culture and everyone has their own idea of what it is. Some define it as having nice material things, others may describe it as being able to do what you want, when you want. While these may ring true across the board, we also describe it as a way to add detail and convenience that makes your day to day activities more enjoyable while upgrading different areas of your life. Basically, figuring out the things you already do every single day and improving the experience.

Below, we came up with a list of small things to help upgrade your day to day living experience. Check them out and drop any other suggestions you have in the comment section.


Accessorize your space with candles

Candles are the perfect way to set a vibe whether you’re relaxing, working from home, catching on a Netflix series or eating dinner. Figure out which scents you like, how they make you feel and accessorize all the areas in your home with them.


Take care of your hands

We’re huge fans of the phrase “When you look better, you feel better” and your hands should never be forgotten. Hands should always be well groomed. If you don’t normally get your nails done, take some time to find a good salon and schedule a manicure. You’d be surprised at how something so small makes a difference. Also, take your nice manicure a step further and tend to the areas around it. Keep your cuticles and hands moisturized with a good cuticle oil and hand cream.

Find your signature scent.

Something about having a signature scent screams luxurious and put together. It’s one of the most personal extensions of your style and individuality. If you don’t already have one, take a trip to a department store, Sephora, or Ulta and try a few perfumes out. Take into consideration your personality, how you want others to remember you, and what scent puts you in a great mood. Once you find your signature fragrance, try to wear it often.

Don’t be afraid to customize a fragrance by mixing one with another!


Find and use a nice planner

When you take into account your social life, personal life, family life, etc, trying to balance them all can be hectic. Organize your day to day activities with a nice planner to help you stay on track.


Buy yourself fresh flowers

You don’t have to wait for someone else to gift you with flowers, grab some yourself to add some life to your home. Purchase some from a floral shop nearby or take a trip to the grocery store and check out their flower section. You can pick out a few different types to craft your own bouquet or buy one that’s already pre-made.


Develop a self care Sunday routine

Everyone needs a relaxing, self-care routine and what better time to do it than on Sunday, before the week officially begins. Figure out what makes you feel good and carve out a few hours in your schedule to add it to your day. It can be as simple as drinking tea while reading a chapter of a book, spending some time in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and music or cutting your phone off to watch a movie interrupted.

We actually have a few ideas if you’re looking. Check them out here.

Buy yourself a nice water bottle

It’s always good to drink more water and having a nice bottle around can motivate you to do so. You’ll always want it near by, you’ll bring it along with you when you leave the house more often than not, and over time it will become a part of your routine. Take things a step further with additions such as lemon, cucumber, fruit, or a liquid IV packet to encourage you to drink more while getting in some much needed nutrients.


Do your work outside of the home

If you work from home, consider getting dressed and bringing your laptop to another location for a change of scenery.
If you don’t get distracted easily, try getting work done at coffee shop or restaurant. If you do get distracted easily, maybe a park or bookstore would be better.


Get a silk pillowcase

Nothing says luxury like laying your head on silk. A silk pillow case actually has great benefits for the skin and hair, but it also just makes you feel taken cared of.


Find a sheet spray

Traditional sheet sprays are used to calm the mind and body to help you fall asleep easier. You can also replace a sheet spray with a perfume you like, a scent that creates a specific vibe you want, or something that reminds you of your favorite memory. We personally love the scent Lazy Sunday Morning by Margiela. But whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you can tolerate in case it doesn’t fade quickly.


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