Jo Malone London Lip Conditioner


+ Product: Jo Malone London Lip Conditioner Balm
+ Price: $30.00
+ Description: A lip treatment that softens, smoothes and cares for vulnerable skin.
+ Where It’s Available:  |


WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT: It has vitamin E which heals your lips and protects them against environmental damage. It’s also super lightweight.

AND THE NOT SO GOOD: I honestly can’t think of one bad thing besides the fact that I’d like one for my car, one for my nightstand and one for my purse…which can obviously turn into an expensive habit.

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW: With daily use, this balm should last about 1 month.

MY OVERALL THOUGHTS: I use this as my daytime balm. It’s not sticky AT ALL and looks really good with a brown lipliner if you want to dress it up a bit. Sometimes I layer it with a matte lipstick to give a hint of color.


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