Lots of people have a preconceived notion about botox, what it does, and how it makes someone look. We’ve all seen a show or a movie with the stereotypical middle aged woman where something looks off about her face but we really can’t put our finger on it (well, sometimes we can). This is the general stereotype behind botox which often frightens some or completely turns them off about it. They’re honestly old clichés, granted your face actually can look like that when it comes to botox, but that only happens if way too much of it is used. When conservative amounts are used, the results can be extremely beneficial and natural. Let’s get into what botox actually does and it’s other medical uses inside of this post ♥

Facial essences have been booming in the Asian skin care industry for years! It’s basically a super hydrating step in skin care routines that preps the skin to absorb all of your following skin care products. Skin that is dry cannot absorb products as well as skin that is a bit damp.

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And it looks amazing! For those of you who don’t know, The Ordinary is a brand that provides scientific-grade ingredients at a very affordable price, and by affordable, I’m talking $6 affordable. They offer great quality, potent products such as salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, etc without any extra fillers. And to my surprise, they have a bunch of sister brands including one called Chemistry Brand.

Chemistry Brand is a line of products specifically meant for the body and I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s as good as The Ordinary. Inside are a few of their key products. ♥

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Hey everyone! I’m not sure if some of you know but I used to work in skin care years ago and I honestly feel like I learned so much info about how things work during that time that I definitely would not have known otherwise. Today I’m just gonna share 5 main things I’ve learned that I think might be helpful or provide a bit of insight.

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Say goodbye to your St. Ives Apricot Scrub because chemical exfoliators are taking over! I first heard about chemical exfoliation after my best friend recommended me to a dermatologist who specializes in ethnic skin. I’m not even sure if thats the right or proper way to describe that but you guys know what I mean lol. She gave me a glycolic cleanser and basically let me know it works better to uncover fresh, new skin cells which is essentially what exfoliating is about.

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