A Lip Balm That Syncs to Your Skin

Now this lip balm came across my Instagram feed as I was doing my mid day scroll. The first time I saw it, I stopped for a seconds and kept it moving but I couldn’t stop thinking about the text in the ad. It said something like “lips will learn how to treat themselves”. I kept thinking about it like what the hell does that even mean? 😂 But lately I’ve been looking for a really good lip balm ever since BITE Beauty changed the formula to their Agave Lip Mask, so I waited for the ad to pop up again. Yesterday (thankfully) it came down my feed again so I began looking into it.


Apparently with this balm, you don’t have to keep reapplying because it continues to self moisturize throughout the day. It even continues to work when you’re not wearing it. Two of the main ingredients responsible for this witchcraft are Multi Flora™ and Endmineral™. “Multi Flora™ is a lactic acid and skin prebiotic that bonds with your skin’s own microbes to keep it healthy and hydrated. They exponentially multiply to reach 30 billion microbes in every bottle and keep your lips full, soft and supple”. “Endmineral™ is an ancient, 100% natural mineral who’s unique energy is in sync with the body’s own, and gently encourages lips to promote a healthy flush.” This ancient mineral is usually found in medicine to increase circulation. It has an element that slightly raises the temperature of your lips, giving it that super pretty flush. This is also where the balm gets its name from!

This Japanese balm is made by the brand Uz and is called the ’38℃/99℉ Lip Treatment’. You can get it for $20 on their site.

Check out the colors they offer below!

Color +0 Clear

Color +1 Sheer Pink

Color +3 Pink

Color +5 Orange

Color 2 Green

Color -4 Black


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