Magic Wand for Better Skin?

It’s getting easier and easier to safely perform spa like treatments on yourself at home. One of the latest tools you can buy is called a high frequency wand. The amount of problems it solves is mind blowing. It stimulates circulation, gets rid of acne, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, tightens the skin, improves texture and discoloration, and surprisingly prevents hair loss.

These handheld machines usually come with a few different attachments for different purposes.  One is meant for broad areas and is used for wrinkles and lines, one is to be used on areas where the skin is more sensitive such as underneath the eyes or around the lip area, another is used for spot treatments to reduce pimples, and the fourth one is actually a comb tube.



Estheticians have written that these work just like the one they use when treating clients and some even buy it to use on clients as well. Apparently the effects you’ll see are not instant but are clear the next day. So imagine what your skin would look like with ongoing use? The best part is that this can be used on any part of the body. I’ve actually seen waxers use this after providing Brazilian waxes to prevent ingrown hairs, treat scars and discoloration, and improve texture also.

How Exactly Does A High Frequency Wand Work

There are two different types of high-frequency wands available, one that uses argon gas (violet light) and one that uses neon gas (orange light). The argon is perfect for folks with oily or acne prone skin and the neon gas works amazingly well for anti-aging.  High frequency works by using tiny currents to enrich the skin with oxygen. Once the attachment touches the surface of your skin, the magic takes place and currents are delivered deep into your skin.

How Do I Use It


Where Can I Buy One

Pure NuDerma High
Frequency Wand


Sola Wave Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy

Clear High Frequency Wand



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