Treat Yourself to Unbelievably Soft Skin for $2

If you’ve ever visited one of those Korean spas that polish your skin, you already know what I’m talking about 😎 You can buy the same cloths they use for $2 a piece. It’s called the ‘Korean Italy Towel’. I discovered the Korean Italy Towel over 10 years ago while browsing an asian skincare forum and haven’t found anything that compares since then.

This little washcloth will change your skin’s texture dramatically, especially if you have KP (keratosis pilaris), dry flaky skin or if you just want your skin to be crazy soft. It will also help with evening your skin tone since exfoliating over time tends to have that effect.

How to use it: Make sure you’re in the shower (or bath) for at least 15 minutes before you begin to scrub ( although the longer you’re in there, the better results you’ll have). You can use it alone with just water or you can add soap for a less abrasive feeling. Use the cloth in circular or in short up & down motions. People get great results with either techniques, but you just have to try and see which works best for you.

What to expect: If you’re doing it right, you’ll see dead and dry skin rolling off onto the cloth. And just a warning, you might be disgusted the first time.

Anything else?: After your shower, apply a super moisturizing lotion or body oil to your skin and you’ll feel like a baby dolphin. I personally like to use Gold Bond’s Radiance Renewal lotion which is actually a cream oil blend…its nothing short of perfection. Shea butter works great also!

You can get the Korean Italy Towel from Amazon.

For an even more intense scrub for possibly rough areas like the knees and elbows, try out the Japanese Salux towel. It costs a little more but it works amazingly well.

Check out the reviews while you’re on there and come back to let me know your thoughts once you purchase! ♥


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