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If you’re still using the traditional pre-moistened makeup wipes, you might want to make the switch to reusable makeup cloths! Years ago, a brand called The Makeup Eraser emerged and was placed into Sephora. It’s a brand that sells a super soft, microfiber cloth that removes all types of makeup by using only warm water. Its 100% free of chemicals, lasts between 3-5 years (maybe even a bit longer) and can be found at Sephora for $20.

I found a dupe on Amazon for $5 because I didn’t want to spend over a hundred dollars buying multiple makeup cloths from Sephora. I’m almost a thousand percent sure it’s made of the same material as The Makeup Eraser but I will say the size seems to be much smaller. It’s super gentle on the skin because of the material and my skin definitely doesn’t get the same burning feeling I get when I use pre-moistened wipes. Also for some reason, my skin looks much brighter and less splotchy after using it. I’ve tried the cloth on all types of makeup from a full coverage foundation to waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick. It removed every last bit, every single time.

So how can a simple cloth remove makeup as well as an actual makeup removing liquid? Apparently the fibers in the cloth act as a magnet and grab onto the makeup particles to pull them off your skin instead of pushing them around or into your skin like regular wipes do, which would explain why my skin looks brighter and less splotchy when using them.

I’m a fan! Try em out and come back to let us know your thoughts.


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