The Quickest Way to Get Rid of a Zit—A Star Sticker

I’m just gonna get right into these stickers because they seem really cool and I wish they were around 10 years ago when my forehead looked like a minefield. The Starface stickers are basically a really cute hydrocolloid patch. What those patches do is create a moist environment which draws out fluids and pus to get rid of those zits in less than 1 day as opposed to the typical week. Idk about you but unless I treat my pimples, they tend to overstay their welcome for at least 5 days (not that they were welcome in the first place 😒). I don’t really get acne or pimples anymore unless I go super super crazy with sweets but it’s really good to hear that something like this is on the market just in case.

With the Starface stickers, all you have to do is stick a star directly on your pimple and let it sit. It needs at least 6 hours to do its thing, so it’s probably best to use these at night so you can spot treat while you sleep.



I think what makes this product marketable and cute is the fact that these patches are in star shapes. Lets be real, what would you rather have on your face—a juicy red/white pimple ready to burst, a regular hydrocolloid patch that looks like it’s made of a grocery bag, or a star? Be honest. I’ll take the star because sticking rhinestones and cute stickers on your face is trendy now anyways so I doubt it can mess up a look. I mean I don’t think I’d wear them out butttttttt I wouldn’t mind if I had to, ya know? I also think these are super helpful for those who like to pick at their skin because you can’t really pick at something that’s covered.

As far as pricing, you can get 32 patches for $22 from their website. Shipping is free if you don’t mind it taking between 4 and 8 days, but if you want it to arrive quicker, you can pay it $5.



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