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I’m not gonna lie, I first heard of Maison Martin Margiela 10 years ago when Kanye West mentioned it in a song. They have the most amazing aesthetic so I’ve been watching the brand ever since! When they made their debut into Sephora via fragrances, I went above and beyond to test them out. They’re not offered at every Sephora so keep that in mind in case you decide to visit your nearest store.

I personally think their scents are super classic and everyone can find a signature scent within their whole collection. And what I love most is that they aren’t your regular, typical fragrance…they all have a backstory and are meant to capture a moment in time. For example, their scent Lazy Sunday Morning is literally supposed to remind you of a relaxing, lazy, warm, Sunday morning. It’s a very light scent that will remind you of fresh linens, freshly washed and lotioned skin, with a hint of fresh flowers. Perfect scent to spray your sheets if you feel like being bougie and being enveloped in a luxurious calming fragrance.



Other scents they have are:

By The Fireplace: a warm, sweet and spicy gourmand fragrance that gives off the impression of comfort and It evokes the comforting sensation of a crackling fireplace beside a frosted winter landscape with enveloping notes of clove, chestnut, and vanilla accord. Link

Jazz Club: a woody and spicy fragrance that reminisces of an anthology of classic cocktails and coppery tones through balmy, rich notes of rum absolute blended with an underscore of tobacco leaf absolute. Link

Whispers In The Library: the cousin of ‘By the Fireplace’ and ‘Jazz Club’. It has notes of pepper essence blending into a soothing tonka bean absolute and bewitching Vanilla, inspired by the memory of a day surrounded by beautifully old books. Link



Beach Walk: a modern floral fragrance that evokes the memory of a stroll along the ocean, capturing the sunny scents of a summer day with radiant notes of lemon, coconut milk, and cedarwood. It is a distinctive warm floral fragrance that evokes the impression of sun and carefree bliss. Link

Under The Lemon Tree: Inspired by the memory of a sunny escape in the countryside, this fragrance evokes a nap under the trees in the park of an old villa, where fresh scents of cypresses and lemon trees float on the balmy breeze.  Link

Music Festival: an earthy and woody fragrance that recalls the hypnotic daydream of Woodstock on a sun-drenched summer day, exuding rich and heady notes of cannabis, Incense oil and leather accord. Lying amongst an endless verdant landscape of greens and fresh buds, you feel the brightness of sunshine and a red apple accord overcome your senses. Link 

Lipstick On: a modern, powdery floral fragrance that sketches the portrait of an absolute moment of femininity through elegant notes of orange flower absolute and fragrant aromas of vanilla bourbon. Link

Flower Market: a fresh, floral fragrance that evokes the memory of a Parisian floral shop. The delicate and innocuous scent of freshly-cut blooms brings an abundance of florals to the forefront of this composition. Link

Funfair Evening: a warm and sweet gourmand fragrance that brings to mind a vibrant night air filled with the candy and laughter through indulgent notes of toffee apple and caramel candy. Link

At The Barbers:  a woody, citrusy fragrance that recalls the relaxing memory of a classic, masculine ritual with invigorating notes of basil accord and sensorial lavender. Link

Sailing Day: a fresh fragrance that recalls the memory of soft rolling waves and the spirit of the sea through aromatic and pure notes of aquatic accord, iris asbolute, and red seaweed accord. Link

Fantasies: Wicked Love: an intoxicating love potion of a scent with notes of water hyacinth, rose absolute, and vetiver. Link

With some of the scents (I’m assuming the most popular ones), there are candles, body lotions, body washes, rollerballs, etc. There are also mini sets available that will allow you to try out all of the scents to find your favorite.

I would honestly recommend trying the rollerball out or one of the mini sets before splurging on the full sized perfume because they are kinda pricey. The full sized prices range between $126 and $180.

If you’ve tried any of Margiela’s fragrances out, drop a comment down below!


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