Remember to Pack These 5 Things When Traveling!

Traveling is usually fun, but packing is NOT. Especially if you’re like me and tend to pack the night before or hours before your flight 🙈 Below are some things you cannot forget the next time you travel!



1. Satin Pillowcase

Protect your face from those hotel/airb&b/resort pillowcases. I’m sorry, I might be a bit of a germaphobe but I just don’t trust them that much and I refuse to let a trip ruin my skin. Bringing a satin pillowcase will ensure your skin stays super smooth and clean. Plus, your hair will also thank you.



2. Sheet Mask

Using a sheet mask that is packed with moisturizing ingredients will hydrate your skin after being on a flight or being stressed. Planes have low humidity and use recycled air which dehydrate your skin and increase the production of oil. Stress also dehydrates your skin because it affects the ability to retain water. Pack a moisturizing sheet mask to use on the first day/night of your travels to keep your skin nice and refreshed.
Sephora Lychee mask $5.50   |   Tatcha Dewy Skin Mask $45   |   Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Mask $22



3. Liquid IV

When traveling, we may forget to drink as much water as we do when we’re at home. Or, cocktails and shots have replaced our Essentia or Fiji bottles. One quick fix is to use Liquid IV. It’s a water supplement that when poured into one bottle of water, it hydrates you as if you drank three. So instead of drinking 4-6 bottles of water a day like I normally do, when traveling I drink one bottle with Liquid IV and one bottle without it. Super convenient.

Available for $16-$18 at Target, Walgreens, and Amazon



4. Skin Care

This a tough one because who wants to worry about doing a 5-8 step routine while you’re having fun? But the honest trust is, not doing your skin care routine on vacation when you normally do it every single day, will set the progress of your skin back by however long you’re away for. This is something lots of people may not mind, but if you’re currently on a skin care journey or if you just want to maximize the benefits of the products you’re using, packing those products is key! If you don’t want to bring everything with you, bring the essentials—like your cleanser, night cream, day cream, and SPF.

Sephora offers a travel set that allows you to transfer your skincare products into containers if you’d rather not bring the actual products.


5. Tea Bags

I know. Tea bags? Random. But if you’re a daily tea drinker, not so much. You can’t be sure that the place you’re going will have the type you drink. And why deprive yourself of your favorite tea anyway? If you drink the typical earl grey, green tea or peppermint, sure, I get it. Who won’t have that? But if you drink specialty teas like Skin Detox tea, Raspberry Leaf tea or Positive Energy tea (all by Yogi, btw), there’s a slim chance you’ll find it easily. Solution? Bring a few packets with you with you! If you drink loose leaf tea, bring the bag and your infuser.


Honorable mention: Shower Cap. This is more for my girls with natural or relaxed hair. We’ve all forgotten our shower cap at home. And we’ve all gotten to our hotel only to realize either they don’t have one or the one they offer is not to our standards. Save yourself the trouble and just bring your own. You’ll thank yourself.

If you think I’ve missed anything that is essential to have when traveling, share them with everyone in the comments below!

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