Drink Your Way to Better Skin

Low vitamin C levels can play a huge role in dry, textured, and dull skin. Drinking juices with high concentrations of this vitamin will transform your skin if consumed on a regular basis. Your skin needs it to consistently renew itself and give you that flawless, glowy skin you deserve ✨


The brands I purchase (if you needed any suggestions)


Carrot Juice

Vitamin C is super high in carrots. It’s also packed with antioxidants which helps boost collagen to prevent wrinkles and boost the radiance in your skin.

Sir John, Beyonce’s makeup artist, often tells clients to drink carrot juice two days before the red carpet for a nice glow.

If you go with this option, make sure you’re buying 100% carrot juice.

Beet Juice

This juice is also rich in Vitamin C and detoxes you from the inside out. It purifies your blood which is key in giving your skin a clear complexion and natural glow.

FYI—this juice also goes by the name Beetroot juice…it’s the same exact thing.

Pomegranate Juice

On top of having high Vitamin C levels, it’s also high in Vitamin E, which gives you natural protection from the sun. Along with boosting collagen, it also neutralizes free radicals (molecules that harm your skin and body) so they cannot damage your skin.

Grab a Pom juice a few times throughout the week if you can.


And as always, continue to drink your water, it’s a must!


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