Newest Wellness Trend: Plant Blood

It’s not new but the trend is. Heard of Chlorophyll? It definitely sounds like something you shouldn’t consume, but it’s actually extremely good for you! First let’s take it back to science class by discussing what chlorophyll actually is. It’s the pigment that gives plants their green color and helps them absorb energy from the sun during it’s photosynthesis process. Chlorophyll is also considered the foundation to all life forms since it acts as the base of the food chain.

So how does it help us specifically?

• It boosts the detoxing process in your body by giving your liver an extra hand with removing toxins and waste

• It can help increase your red blood cell count and improve the quality

• Acts as an internal deodorant when it comes to breath, sweat, and any type of odor

• Studies have shown that chlorophyll helps to reducing the risks of cancer

• Can prevent or treat anemia since hemoglobin and chlorophyll have an almost identical structure

• Gives the body an abundance of oxygen

• Keeps the skin firm and increases the production of collagen due to it being a great source of vitamins A, C, and E


Where or how do you get it?

You can either ingest it the natural way or by finding supplements. With the second option, since chlorophyll doesn’t dissolve in water, the supplements are actually made out of chlorophyllin.  Chlorophyllin is the water soluble version, which helps it absorb more into your body. It has the exact same capabilities and benefits, but just be aware that when you’re buying a chlorophyll supplement, it’s really chlorophyllin.



1. Eat more green veggies

Green vegetables (specifically) contain chlorophyll so when you eat them, the chlorophyll allows your blood to transport more oxygen to cells, giving you all the benefits of what it has to offer. Consistently eat more green veggies than you normally would and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.


2. Take a wheatgrass shot

These shots are super potent sources of chlorophyll and are packed with other nourishing nutrients like vitamin E, protein, and magnesium.

You can buy pre-made wheatgrass shots by KorShots which can be found online and at Target or you can buy a good quality powder and add to a shot of water.


3. Drink liquid chlorophyll in your water.

Drinking chlorophyll is the easiest way to consume it in my opinion.

Like the wheatgrass shots, you can buy the water pre-made or you can buy liquid chlorophyll and add a few drops to your own water.


I do think I should add that there is an increased risk of some being sunburned when too much chlorophyll is consumed. What happens to plants during the photosynthesis process (absorbing sunlight to product and store energy) also happens to us. So if you want to up the amount of chlorophyll you consume, be sure to use sunscreen!


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