Bring the Spa Home With These 4 Facial Tools

The feeling after getting a facial or a treatment at the spa is like none other. Your skin feels so much more lightweight, radiant, and it feels as if you got a reset. But since that option isn’t practical at the moment, there are plenty of at home tools to bring the spa to you.

Below are our top 4 at home beauty tools.


Dermaflash Dermaplaning Device

Derma planing your own skin at home with a blade definitely seems a bit nerve wrecking. Luckily, Dermaflash has created an at home device that gives extremely similar results to the in spa treatment. This device gets rid of peach fuzz, dead skin, and built up debris to reveal radiant, glowing skin. It also helps your skincare products work more effectively.



High Frequency Facial Wand

I talked a little about this in a previous post but to give you guys the basics, this wand works to help almost all skincare problems. It helps sagging skin, age spots, dark circles, acne, redness, kills bacteria under and on the skin, helps to reduce the appearance of scars, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines.  It also helps your skin better absorb any skincare product applied afterwards.



Steaming tool

Steaming your face helps your skin release impurities faster than it normally would. It loosens product or dirt build up allowing for a deeper cleanse. The warm temperature also softens blackheads which makes removal easier. Lastly, it increases your skin’s ability to absorb creams and serums, giving you the maximum benefit of each product.



Jillian Dempsey Sculpting Bar

This is a tool that vibrates and sends pulses throughout your skin to lift, tone, and contour. It relaxes your facial muscles while stimulating blood flow. It can also depuff your eyes and face in the morning!

The results if done in the morning should last you a full day, but the more the tool is used, the more long term benefits you’ll notice.

I think it’s important to add that there are less expensive alternatives out there. The main difference is that the majority of them are not made with 24K gold as this one is and will eventually rust. Both types work almost exactly the same.




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