New Trend Alert: Russian Manicures

I’m not sure if we’re behind when it comes to beauty trends or if Russians are just way ahead of us because we’ve covered more than a few trends started by them over the years. The latest one making its way across the US is called the Russian manicure!


What Is a Russian Manicure?

Instead of the traditional cuticle removing technique that involves soaking, pushing, and nipping, the Russian manicure uses a small filing tip on an electric file to gently get rid of extra cuticle under the nail bed and excess skin around it. It basically exfoliates and treats the area so that it’s perfectly trimmed.

It is also sometimes called the “e-file manicure” or the “dry manicure”.



Is It Safe?

As with all nail treatments, when it’s done correctly by a licensed expert it is completely safe. It is only dangerous and harmful when a nail tech isn’t experienced and has not been trained in this specific type of manicure since it is extremely specialized. An untrained technician may accidentally over file  the skin around your nails which can lead to irritation or infections.

But an electronic file in the right hands is considered to be safer than other cuticle removing methods since it does not cause irritation or involve any type of cutting. I think just about everyone has experienced the stinging feeling that happens when your cuticles are cut too deeply, only for them to remain sore and red for the next few days. With the Russian technique, this does not happen.

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If you want to get this type of manicure, please find a reputable tech. And come back to let us know how it was!

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