6 Things Missing From Your On-The-Go Makeup Bag

1. Blotting Sheets

I feel that blotting sheets are super important and is an amazing addition for an on-the-go makeup bag because it works for both makeup wearers, and those who prefer to let their natural face take the stage. You can use this if you’ve gotten a bit oily throughout the day to take away the shine whether you’re wearing make up or not. I really like the blotting sheets made by Fenty because you can cut any size you want. Typically, blotting sheets come in small squares and you may have to use more than 1, but with these, you can cut a small strip or a long sheet depending on how oily you get.


2. A Mini Brow Pencil

We’ve all had our days where our brows seem shiny and the product we’ve applied in the morning seemingly disappeared. I refuse to throw my jar of brow pomade and a long angled brush in my to-go makeup bag so a small, good quality brow pencil is a must! I recommend Benefit Precisely Mini Brow Pencil because it has the same qualities that the normal size pencil does, it lasts up to 12 hours and is waterproof. Not many mini brow pencils have those capabilities, especially for the price.


3. A Mini Eyeliner Pen

If you like to head to the bar or a good happy hour after work and want to change your look up, a mini cat eye will be your best friend! Instead of carrying a pot of gel liner and a brush, I would recommend Benefit Waterproof Roller Liner it’s super simple to use and you don’t need any extra tools apart from a compact mirror.

4. A Refresher Spray

If your skin is feeling super dry or you feel like your makeup needs to be refreshed…a setting spray like Mario Badescu’s Rose Spray or Mac Fix+ will definitely do the trick. I like to use this when my nose is getting oily by spraying it on my face after using a blot sheet or powder. It makes my makeup look like I just put it on!


5. Lip Balms/Oils

I think this one is pretty self explanatory, just about everyone carries a lip treatment to apply throughout the day. And if you don’t, you absolutely should! My favorites are Jo Malone London’s Lip Conditioner Balm and  Carmex Daily Care Moisturizing Lip Balm.


6. Pencil Eyeliners

Along with a felt tip liner to switch up your look for a date or happy hour after work, pencil liners can also come in handy! Ulta makes gel liners that glide on super smooth and they come in 21 different shades.   Got any other suggestions to create the perfect on-the-go makeup bag? Drop em in the comments below ♥


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