The New Russian Brow Treatment⁠—Brow Lamination

Every year there’s a new brow trend going on. One of the newest is called ‘brow lamination’. It’s a new brow treatment originating from Russia that’s now making its way everywhere else! It smooths out your brows in a vertical direction to give them a fluffy and naturally sculpted look. If you love the results of brow gel, you’ll definitely love getting your brows laminated.


Brow Lamination

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It’s essentially a perm for your eyebrows and a great alternative to microblading if your brows are thick enough. It can also fix overplucking, gaps, thinning, unruly hairs that ignore any brushing, and a lack of shape. If you’d like to keep the look, the process will need to be repeated every few months.


The Brow Lamination Process

The process is almost exactly like the one used for lash lifting. It includes applying a solution to the brows that help them stay lifted, which breaks down bonds in each individual hair. This allows them to be molded into a new shape. Afterwards, the brow hairs are brushed up into place and a neutralizing solution is applied that restructures the bond and gets the hairs back to its hardened shape, locking in what was just done. Lastly, you can opt in for a tweezing, waxing, or a tint to give you the brows you’ve always dreamed of!

The Price

The price can range anywhere from $50-$150 depending on the area you get your brows laminated in and the amount of add-ons you’d like.

Brow Lamination Cons

If the first chemical is left on too long, the edges of your brow hairs can singe and appear over-processed. In this case, deep hydration would be needed to nurse the hairs back to health. Additionally, if your eyelids are exposed to the chemicals, you may experience irritation since the eyelid skin is hands down the most delicate skin of the entire body.

After Your Brows Are Laminated

Since the process doesn’t actually stiffen your hairs in place, you can use a spoolie and brush them any way you’d like. You can leave the hairs brushed all the way up for that slicked down look or you can brush to the side for that soft, natural appearance. Also, it would be best to apply a lightweight oil on them at night to maintain moisture levels. If a facial oil is already part of your skin care routine, you can just add a drop in when finishing up right before bed. And that’s it! That’s all you have to do until your next appointment in 5-8 weeks. Prepare for stares and compliments on your new, modelesque brows.

If you’ve gotten your brows laminated, drop a comment down below to let everyone know about your experience.


Brow Lamination

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