May 8, 2018

12 Newest Shades of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Since I have tons of NYX Professional Makeup products, I figured I’d share some product shots and swatches with you guys! Hopefully it helps if you guys were interested in any NYX products and never got a chance to actually go out and make a purchase. I was always interested in the matte lip creams but for some reason never picked one up. I think it’s because theres such a huge range in color, I could never decide on which colors I wanted 😂 so I always ended up not buying any of them!

Thankfully the brand sent over their 12 new shades, so below are swatches and photos of the lip cream 😋 See any shades you’d wear? Leave them in the comment section! My faves are Shanghai, San Francisco, Leon, and Capetown ♥



+ Name: NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream
+ Color: There are currently 46 shades available but sent to me were the newest 12.
+ Price: The official price is $6.50 but it varies depending on where you go
+ Description: A lip product that ‘straddles the line between lipstick and gloss!’

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT:  The formula is super comfortable on the lips, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. The shade range is amazing, literally anyone can find a few colors that works for their skintone. The lip cream also isn’t drying, it’s actually very creamy!

AND THE NOT SO GOOD:  It will not last as long on the lips as a liquid lipstick but once it rubs off, you can just reapply like a normal lipstick where as with a liquid lipstick, you’d have to remove what was left on your lips before applying another layer.

WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW:  It’s available on the brand’s website, at Ulta, Target, drug stores, and a few other places.

BEAUTY TIP:  When it comes to the neutral and pink tones, to get a more a more natural look, try using a lipliner 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone instead of a lipliner that matches the lip color (or one that is  2-3 shades darker than the lip color itself)!

Link to Purchase:


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