To Prime or Not to Prime?

This year I caught wind of a debate on whether or not priming your face is actually necessary for a makeup application. But first, lets get into what primer actually does and what it’s used for. A face primer is used to create a pre-base layer to help your foundation or any product you put on top. It essentially creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup. A face primer smoothes your skin texture, helps your makeup last longer, minimizes the appearance of pores, and much more.

But to answer the question of whether or not priming is necessary, my vote has always and will always be YES! No matter what your skin type is, the right primer will always help your makeup go on smoother and help it last much longer. Even without those two benefits, a primer can remedy any issue you have with your skin prior to applying foundation or concealer.

For example, if your skin is dry, choosing a moisturizing primer will play a huge role in how your makeup looks when you’re finished. If your skin is super oily, the right mattifying primer will do all it can to prevent any oils from coming up throughout the day. If you experience redness in certain areas or all over the face, there are primers you can use to help neutralize the red color.  If you struggle with acne or breakouts, there are primers out there with ingredients to sooth the skin and help prevent breakouts. If you have large pores, choosing one that fills them in and smooths out the skin would be super helpful.

The list can honestly go on and on but overall, I would never say no to a primer. If you use one and you don’t notice a huge difference, try out another one.

Below are our favorite 3 primers!


Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer

Milk Hydrogrip Primer

Photo Finish Primer

Angel Veil Lightweight Skin Perfecting Primer




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