The Many Uses of Translucent Setting Powder

If you don’t have translucent or sheer setting powder in your makeup collection, you’re definitely missing out! There’s so many different ways to use it aside from the most popular one, which is baking, but I’ll start with that one just to get it out of the way.


1. Baking/Setting your concealer and foundation

Pretty much everyone has heard about baking by now, but I’m sure there are a few that don’t know what it’s for or what it does. Baking is when you apply a layer of setting powder to areas of your face where your makeup tends to crease or where your skin tends to get oily. It’s key to a long lasting makeup application. If you have dry skin, you honestly don’t need to bake for too long, if at all. If you have oily skin, baking for at least 3 minutes will help keep oils at bay. As far as preventing any creasing, baking underneath the eyes or simply setting the area with powder will stop your concealer from creasing and separating. If you aren’t a fan of the powdery look, pick up a setting spray such as Mac Fix+ or Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray. It will lock everything into place and give your makeup a more natural texture after you finish baking.

2. Mattifying your lipstick

Don’t want to buy a matte lipstick but want the matte look? Dust a bit of translucent powder over any lipstick for an instant matte look.

3. Setting your primer

If you apply primer before foundation, pat a bit of translucent powder on the spots that get oily to make your face makeup last much longer. This trick also delays oiliness for as long as possible.

4. Mattify oily eyelids

If your lids get oily throughout the day and you prefer them to be matte, pat a bit of translucent powder on them to keep oils at bay.

5. Plumps up lashes

After applying a coat of mascara, dust a tiny tiny bit of translucent powder on them and finish with another layer. You’ll notice thicker, plumper lashes.

6. Catch fallout from eyeshadow

If you’re the type to apply eyeshadow after face makeup, apply a light layer of setting powder underneath your eyes to catch any fall out. The shadow will fall onto the powder which you’ll be able to brush away afterwards!

Now, for the setting powder I swear by: Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder $39 – I’ve been using this powder for about 4-5 years now and I honestly don’t feel like anything can replace it. It’s very sheer, doesn’t look too heavy or powdery, and it lasts me between 7-9 months. It’s my absolute fave and every time I venture off to try something new I always end up coming back to it!

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