Best Gifts for the Makeup Lover in Your Life

Gift giving season is coming up and companies are already rolling out their holiday sets. It can definitely be hard to shop for a makeup lover during this time of the year even though brands think they make it easy with their bundles and kits. Sometimes it’s just hard to choose exactly which is best, which is why we came up with this short guide to help!





Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Palette $25

The perfect everyday palette. Fenty’s snap palettes each contain 6 shadow colors that all work amazingly well together. They each include a few shimmers for your lid, brow bone, and inner corner and matte shades for everywhere else. The size of the palette makes it great for traveling or throwing in your purse. Which one should you get? In my opinion, 1 or 5 if they’re fair skinned, and 3 or 4 if they’re medium to deep in complexion.




The Original Makeup Eraser 7 Day Set $25

Make-up removing wipes are old news and to be honest, they should be. Using a removing cloth is more gentle on your skin and doesn’t require any oils or chemicals, even for waterproof makeup. These removing cloths are a great addition to any makeup lover’s skincare routine because they easily remove the day’s glam without any tugging. Trust me, they’ll love you for this!




Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss Set $25

If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying Juicy Tubes by Lancome, you honestly might want to grab a set for yourself also. This isnt a 5 star rated lipgloss for no reason. It’s super moisturizing, lasts forever on the lips, and it’s not sticky. What else could we ask for in a gloss? If you ever come with an answer, I’m sure Lancome already had it covered with Juicy Tubes.





Anastasia Soft Glam Palette $45

Pretty much the only palette you need to create a neutral but glam look. I’d buy this for a friend who doesn’t like too much color when it comes to makeup. The quality of the eyeshadows are nice and it comes with a double ended brush!




Laura Mercier Lip Glace Set $45

Super moisturizing, plumping, non sticky, anti-aging, AND it doesn’t bleed or feather—it stays where it’s put. Another classic favorite of mine!



MAC Ultimate Trick Mini Lipstick Set $75

This set has a travel size lipstick in 12 of MAC’s best selling shades.





Celestial Odyssey Eyeshadow Palette $78

18 shades of nothing but luxury in the form of eyeshadows. This palette is top tier, from the packaging itself to the actual formula and quality of the shadows. An everyday look can be created with a touch of the gold and champagne shades or a more bold, dramatic look can be created with the others. The best part about this palette is that it looks great on every skintone. No more guessing!



Sigma Soft Blend Brush Set $95

The key to a flawless makeup look are the tools used and Sigma is fully aware which is why they continously find new ways to improve their already amazing brushes. These blending brushes were made with their new Soft Blend SigmaTech fibers and will help perfect that flawless look.



Tom Ford Luxe Lip Gloss Set $90

Super lightweight, and infused with 3 different oils, Tom Ford’s gloss gives the hydration of a balm and the look of a gloss. If you have a gloss lover in your life, they’ll love this set!

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