August 24, 2019

What’s New for Primetime Beauty? 🤔

Hi lovelies! I just wanted to update you guys on what’s been going on with my blog and youtube, well all of my social medias actually. I plan on expanding everything to include all of my interests instead of just makeup because I feel like although makeup is a huge part of my life that I’m obsessed with, I also have other things I would love to share with you guys as well!

Food – If you didn’t know, I’m also obsessed with food and I’m a great cook so I thought it would be fun to share my recipes and recipes I found since I’m always posting them. I used to be a vegan and I was always asked what I eat and how I make my food, and although I’m a pescatarian now I still dabble in plant based recipes along with seafood of course.

Skin – I used to work in skin care so I’m also interested in products for the skin and figuring out what works best for different problem areas.

Hair – I’ve been on a long journey of growing my hair out after becoming all natural, especially since I have an auto immune disorder that affects hair every now and again. I love looking out for the best products for my hair type and how to keep it strong and healthy despite everything that can possibly affect it. I’m a huge advocate for a brand called Viviscal but I won’t get into that in this post…look out for one in the future though!

Health/Fitness – I feel like I don’t talk about the fact that I have Lupus at all, and it’s mainly because I really don’t talk about it in my day to day life anyway, but I think I should begin speaking about it more openly because you never know who it could help ya know? I became vegan years back because I wanted to see if it could help take away any symptoms I had and it did. I started researching supplements and different things I could do to be more healthy and through that, I’ve learned so much that could definitely help other people even if they don’t have a disorder/disease. For example, wheatgrass shots — I personally consider it to be the more natural/healthy version of an espresso shot. I found this out because one symptom of Lupus is low energy or feeling drained and OMG. Let me tell you, a wheatgrass shot a day will have you feeling like Beyoncè at one of her concerts…full of energy and ready to kill it at work or wherever you are. Trust me!

So yes, those are the main things I plan on talking about in the future. I already did one video on “The Best Vegan Burger” recipe which can be found below. Apart from that, I really hope you guys will enjoy whats to come! ♥

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