November 9, 2019

Shaving Your Face for Baby Soft Skin & Better Makeup?

I used to believe that if you shaved your face, your hair would grow back darker or it would irritate your skin, making it hyperpigmentated. Within the last year, a new beauty trend has emerged called dermaplaning which is really just a fancy name for shaving your face with a scalpel. With this treatment, you would book an appointment with a dermatologist or esthetician and allow them to use a scalpel to scrape the surface of your skin to remove the peach fuzz on the skin as well as the superficial layer of dead skin, resulting in smoother and brighter skin. Dermaplaning can also prevent breakouts by getting rid of the dead skin, rough patches and hair that clog your pores. But, if you’re experiencing a breakout or have a few pimples, you’ll have to wait until it clears up.

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I recently got the Dermaflash 2.0 which is an at home tool that provides facial exfoliation and peach fuzz removal, just as dermaplaning would. Their motto is “The skin you want is lying just beneath the skin you see”. The overall process is pretty simple and straight forward. The first step is the cleanse with their Preflash gel and pat your skin dry. The dryer the better. Next you would pick up the Dermaflash tool, put a new Edge in, select your speed and glide it across your face. Lastly you would massage the Postflash gel into the skin to hydrate and balance the skin.

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Meghan Markle’s go-to makeup artist, Daniel Martin, let everyone know exactly why he loves this tool: “The device differentiates itself from traditional peach fuzz removers because it also eliminates the oldest layer of dead skin cells, revealing stunning skin directly beneath the surface. It’s my go-to starting point for delivering impeccable skincare and makeup application to my clients.”

I tried it out yesterday night and so far so good. My skincare products seemed to melt right into my skin and when I woke up, I noticed more of difference. It’s almost as if the products worked a bit quicker because they were able to get deeper into my skin? I could be imagining things but I’ll give you guys an update soon. When I did my makeup, my foundation also seemed to melt into my skin and blend out better, which is essentially a makeup lover’s dream 😍

PROS: Better makeup application. Smoother and brighter skin. Very similar results to professional dermaplaning. 

CONS: – Each blade can only be used once. You cannot buy the blades alone, you have to purchase the whole replenishment kit which is $30. It is $30 for 3 blades and the Preflash and PostFlash treatments, and $87 for 12. I’ve read that the Dermaflash can be used once a week or once every other week for the best results, although you wont see any peach fuzz beginning to grow back until about 3 weeks. Using it as recommended would mean that you’d have to buy the replenishment kit about every 2 weeks (taking shipping time into account so you don’t run out of blades), so I do see this routine becoming expensive if you don’t already visit a dermatologist for dermaplaning. 

But overall, I love the results I’ve gotten with my new Dermaflash and I’m definitely gonna continue using it. I won’t be using it as recommended but only when I see my peach fuzz returning.

Can you see yourself using this? Have you gotten dermaplaning done before? Drop your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below ♥

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